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Gallery Index

Gallery 1  - shots of the following models:

 Z-15 by Kurt Greiner
HMS Mohawk by Kurt Greiner
USS Washington (BB-56) by Chuck Galligan
Shots of projects at the Scale Shipyard
HMNZS Royalist ,HMNZS Canterbury, Te Mana,and HMNZS Dunbartarton Castle by Dick Hopper.
HMNZS Black Prince in 1/48th Scale by Dick Hopper
HMCS Athabaskan by Duane Hill|
USS Blueback and Alfa Class submarine by Dave Manley

Gallery 2

USS Harrison DD-573 by Duane Hill
HMCS Athabaskan  by Duane Hill
HMS Tally-ho by Duane Hill
USS MacDonough DD-351 by Duane Hill
HMCS Windsor SSK-877 by Duane Hill
USS Fletcher DD-992 by Ryan Carey
Maersk Container ship by Ryan Carey
C.S.S. PALMETTO STATE by William Blackmore
USS Colorado (BB-45)  by Jerry Galvadon
USS Saint Paul (CA-73) by Jerry Galvadon
USS Chicago (CA-29) by Jim Hawkins
USS Lafayette (SSBN-616) by Dave Manley

Gallery 3

USS Jenkins (DD-447) by Jack Bitters
USS Enterprise (CV-6) by Ralph Glew
HMS Hood by John Anderson
New Zealand warships sent in by Garry Armstrong

Gallery 4

Coverage of the 2000 San Francisco Military Regatta

Gallery 5

Arleigh Burke class models in Scotland sent in by Jim Sharkey
USS Stark (FFG-31) by Eric Bertlesen
USS Winston Churchill (DDG-81) by Eric Bertlesen
USS Kidd (DD-661) by James Mousaw
KM Bismarck by Stan Lysonek
USS Frank Knox by Brad Newland

Gallery 6

HMS Invincible by Duncan Cameron

Gallery 7

HMCS Agassiz by Ray Lee
USS Gambier Bay by Ed Balling
HMS Illustrious by Dick Hopper
Addition Commonwealth warships by Dick Hopper
Dick Hopper's Patrol Vessels Rotoiti, Taupo, Hawera and Pukaki in 1/72 scale
Dick Hopper'sHMNZS Otago in 1/48 scale
Dick Hoppers HMNZS Canterbury in 1/24 scale

Gallery 8

USS Gambier Bay by Bill Waldorf

Gallery 9

USS Stout DDG-55 by Brad Newland
USS Iowa by James Mousaw
KM Bismarck by Stan Lysoneck
USCG Morgenthau WMEC-722 by Normandie Manlapas
USS Arizona by Kevin Gatton
CalderCraft Round Table Minesweeper by Mark of Scotland
USS Crockett (PG-88) by Roger
SS United States by John Anderson


USS Castle DD-720 by Trevor
Elements of Task Force 96, a Southern California model club
Mike Ploeger's USS Shangri-La - CV-38


Coverage of the 2001 San Francisco Military Regatta


USS Arizona by William Blackmore
USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27) by Geoff Young
USS Patterson (FF-1061) by Jeff York


KM Graf Spee in 1/20 scale by William Terra
USS Arizona in 1/15 scale by Sean

Gallery 14

USS Boone (FFG-28) by Duane Curtis
USS Anzio (CG-68) by Duane Curtis
USS Missouri (BB-63) by Brad Newland
USS Laffey 9DD-724) by Brad Newland
HMCS Barrie K-138 by Duane Hill

Gallery 15

Jeff York's USS San Antonio build article

Gallery 16

Mike Mabry's USS Tornado PC-14
USS Stetham (DDG-63) by Chito Elomina
Normandie Manlapas' USS Philippine Sea (CG-58)
Jack Yavno's Krivak III

Gallery 17

Matt Wilson build the Dean's Marine Fletcher Kit

Gallery 18

USS Saucy and Fleetscale models, USS Chandler in 1/96 scale

Gallery 19

2003 SF Warship Regatta Coverage

Gallery 20

Photography by Dave Wooley of models in the UK, including HMS Kent, HMS Fearless, KM Bismarck, CIS Kirov and CIS Sovremnnyy class warships.  Roberto Di Cosimo's Modern Italian Navy models. Tom Stack's Chinese DDG.  Steve Vick's Type II U-Boat

Gallery 21

Stan Hepler's USS Arkansas CGN-41

Gallery 22

Dick Hopper's HMS Dumbarton Castle
Don Macdonald's USS Guadalcanal
Don Macdonald's USS Bulkeley DDG-84
Don Macdonald's LST
Miscellaneous ships from Don MacDonald
Darcy Ellis' Sovremeney
Bill Brown's USS Missouri
Bill Brown's USS Arizona

Gallery 23

Richard Setter's 1/48 scale HMS Byrony
Ron Horabin's 1/32 scale HMS Bryony
Ken Parker's HMCS Aggasiz at 1/48 scale

Gallery 24

Models of  the Bellingham, WA group Inside Passage:

Keith Schermerhorn"s USS McFaul (DDG-74)
Russian Typhoon in 1/96 scale

Gallery 25

Ron Horabin's HMS Resolve in 1/40 scale
Ron Horabin's Foundation Franklin in 1/24 scale
Ron Horabin's USS North Carolina in 1/96 scale.
Eric Wieczorek's USS Doyle FFG 39

Gallery 26

Carlos F: Perdomo's Scharnhorst in 1/128 scale
Adrian's model of the USS Missouri BB 63 in 1/96 scale
Paul Woulf's USS Klakring FFG-42
Nils Lagergren's HMS Lusitania and Russian cruiser Aurora

Gallery 27

The 2003 San Francisco Military Regatta

Gallery 28

Models from GMS Model Builders, St Petersberg, Russia

HMS Nelson in 1/100 scale
IJN Yamato in 1/100 scale

Gallery 29

Geoff Dixon's Royal Navy battleships of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Gallery 30

Jerzy Stachowiak's Models of the pre-revolutionary Russian Fleet and more

Imperial Russian Navy Strelok in 1/67 scale
General - Admiral Apraksin in 1/100 scale
Ekaterina II in 1/100 scale
Admiral Nakhimov in 1/100 scale
Mandjur (Manchurian) in 1/100 Scale
Imperator Alexandr the Second in 1/100 scale
Imperial Russian Navy Tscharodeika (Fairy) in 1/100 Scale
German minesweeper M-54 in 1/66scale
French Gunboat Zelee in 1/66 scale
French Cruiser D,Entrecasteaux (1896) in 1/100 scale
French Torpedo Cruiser Casablanca
Russian Steam clipper Dzhigit
SMS Grier in 1/67 scale

Gallery 31

Trevor Bauer's USS Pirate AM-267
Bill Bull's Raider Atlantis
Bill Bull's HMS Green Rover A-258
Bill Bull's KM Prinz Eugen
Boetty's KM Tirpitz
Joe Hoffman's Z-32 in 1/100 scale

Gallery 32

Models by Paul Simpson:

HMS Dragon (D-35) in 1/96 scale
USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81) in 1/96 scale
HMS Invincible RO-5 in 1/96 scale
HMS Argyll F-231 in 1/96 scale
HMS Sheffield D-80 in 1/96 scale
HMS Andromeda F-57 in 1/96 scale
HMNZS Cantebury F-421 in 1/96
HMS Russell F-97 in 1/96 scale
HMS Bristol D-23 in 1/96 scale
HMS Ilustrious RO-6 in 1/96 scale
HMS Cleopatra F-28 in 1/96 scale
USS Copeland FFG-25 in 1/96 scale
USS Gallery FFG-26 in 1/96 scale
USS Barry (DDG-52) in 1/96 scale
USS Oscar Austin (DDG-79) in 1/96 scale
USS Port Royal  CG-73 in 1/96 scale
USS Stark FFG-31 in 1/96 scale
HMS Cadiz in 1/96 scale
HMS Leander in 1/96 scale
HMS Crocus in 1/96 scale
HMS Dido in 1/96 scale
HMS Carysfort, in 1/96 scale
USS Cape St. George (CG-71) in 1/96 scale
105' Minesweeper M-1804 in 1/48 scale

Gallery 32A  

Paul Simpson Builds a USS Nimitz in 1/96 scale

Gallery 32B

Paul  Simpson Builds HMS Dreadnought 1/96 scale

Gallery 33

Models by David Wooley
Armored Cruiser Rurik
Dave Wooley's KM BlŁcher  in 1/128 scale
Helicopter Cruiser Moskva
Light Cruiser Sverdlov in 1/100 scale
Helicopter Carrier Kiev
HMS Mersey in 1/96 scale

Blaine Lemert's USS Gridley (DLG-21) in 1/96 scale

Gallery 34

Patrice Courchesne's Battleship Richelieu in 1/100 scale
Frederick Smith's USS Ford (FFG-54) in 1/96 scale
Don MacDonald's USCG Hamilton WHEC-715
USS Yancey AKA-93 by Ken Groom

Gallery 35

R. Motyaka's Sovermennyy Class Destroyer in 1/72 scale
Dave Wooley's Photos of Potteries  MBC Navy Day, 2005
Rolf Busetto's IJN Yamato in 1/72 Scale

Gallery 36

Ken Grohmann's USS Cromelin (FFG-37) in 1/96 scale

Gallery 37

Brett Griffin builds a Dean's Marine Battle Class Destroyer


Kurt Greiner's USS Seneca (AFT-91)

Gallery 39

Norman Gillaspy's HMS Duke of York in 1/200 scale
Norman Gillaspy's KM Graf Zeppelin in 1/200 scale

Gallery 40

Ron Horabin scratchbuilds HMS Iron Duke in 1/96 scale

Gallery 41

USS Sumner FRAM version in 1/96 scale by Chris

Gallery 42

Santee Lakes Run, December 10, 2005

Gallery 43

Philip Ardell's 1/72 Bismarck

Gallery 44

Andrew Paris' USS Montana (BB-67) in 1/96 scale
Andrew Paris' USS Ticonderoga  (CG-47) in 1/96 scale
Andrew Paris' KM Prinz Eugen in 1/100 scale

Gallery 45

Jerry Shaw's USS Forrestal in 1/96 scale
Richard F. Smith III's USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in 1/125 scale

Gallery 46

Duane Curtis' USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) in 1/96 scale
John Anderson's USS Nimitz (CVN-68) in 1/96 scale

Gallery 47

Kurt Greiner's KM Gneisenau in 1/100 scale

Gallery 48

John Haynes builds a 1/96 scale USS Tennensee (BB-43) in her 1945 configuration

Gallery 49

Shane Doyle's 1/72 model of HMAS PERTH
Trevor Birch's USS Steven Hopkins
Trevor Birch's Z-39 in 1/100 scale
Trevor Birch's USS Jerimiah O'Brien in 1/96 scale
M. Paul Lloyd's Monitor M-29

Gallery 50

Converting a Fletcher DD into a Gearing FRAM DD by Jerry Leih
Jerry Leih's  USS Orleck (DD 886) in 1/96 scale.

Gallery 51

Coverage of the December 2006 Santee Lakes Run

Gallery 52

Russ French's USS Winston S. Churchill in 1/72 scale
Alain Teneze's French Battleship Richelieu in 1/100 scale
Alain Teneze's 1/72 scale USS Missouri (BB-63)
Alain Teneze's LCM-3 in 1/15 Scale
Alessandro Cenci's Bismarck in 1/128 scale
Photos from the South of France sent in by Alain Craniotakis

Gallery 53

Michael Blaser's USS San Francisco (CA-38)  in 1/96 scale

Gallery 54

Shane Doyle's USS Virginia (CGN-38) in 1/72 scale

Gallery 55

Duane Curtis' USS Wisconsin (BB-64) in 1/96 scale

Gallery 56

Ships By Ronny Pieters in 1/96 scale

HMS Dreadnaught (1907) in 1/96 scale
HMS Fearless (L-10)
HMS Fencer in 1/96 scale
HMS Naiad 1941 in 1/96 scale
Esbern Snare (L 17) Danish command support ship in 1/100 scale
HMS Fife (D 20) County class destroyer.
HMS Bristol (D23) Type 82 Destroyer in 1/96 scale
HMS Daring (D-32) Type 45 Destroyer in 1/96 scale
HMS Liverpool (D-92) in 1/96 scale
HMS Cossack (LO3) in 1/96 scale
HMS Campbelltown (I42) in 1/96 scale
HMS Welshman (M48) in 1/96 scale
HMS Salisbury (F32) Type 61 Frigate in 1/96 scale
HMS Charybdis (F-75) in 1/96 scale
HMS Cornwall (F99) Type 22 Frigate in 1/96 scale
HMS Amethyst (F116) in 1/96 scale
HMS Zulu (F124) in 1/96 scale
HMS Plymouth (F-126) in 1/96 scale
HMS Avenger (F-185) Type 21 frigate in 1/96 scale
HMS Norfolk (F-230) in 1/96 scale
HMS Morecambe Bay (K624) Bay Class Anti-Aircraft Frigate in 1/96 scale
HMS Solebay (R-70) in 1/96 scale
HMS Bramble (M-273) in 1/96 scale
HMS Rothesay in 1/96 scale
HMS Fife (D-20) in 1/96 scale
Esbern Snare (L 17) Danish command support ship in 1/100 scale
HMS Daring (D-32)

Gallery 56A

Ships By Ronny Pieters in 1/96 scale, Part 2

HMS Bronington (M-1115)
HMS Ledbury M 30 Hunt Class Minesweeper in 1/48 Scale
Type 1936 A German Destroyer 1/100 scale
F210 Emden (V) Bremen Class Frigate in 1/100 Scale
F220 Hamburg  Sachsen class frigate in 1/100 Scale
Soveremnnyy Class Destroyer in 1/96 scale
USS Yorktown (CG-48) in 1/96 scale
USS Barry (DDG-52) in 1/96 scale
USS Elrod (FFG-55) in 1/96 scale
USS Barry (DD-248) in 1/96 scale
USS Erben (DD-631)
USS Laffey (DD-724) , Allen M. Sumner class destroyer, in 1/96 scale
USS Freedom (LCS-1) in 1/96 scale
USCG Tahoma (WMEC-908) in 1/96 scale
USS James Blair (Freelance Liberty Ship Attack Transport) in 1/96 scale
F911 Westdiep (Belgium) in 1/100 scale.  Wielingen (class fregate)
F931 Louise-Marie (Belgium) in 1/96 (Formerly HNLMS Willem van der Zaan (F829)
HMS Guernsey in 1/72 scale
P550 HDMS Flyvefisken 1/50 scale
HMS Sir Kay in 1/48 scale
Rescue Tug HMS Enforcer (W 177) in 1/48 scale
Hr Ms Fret F818 in 1/100  scale
SMS Emden (1908)

Gallery 56B

Ships by Ronnie Pieters, Page 3

HMAS Armidale (ACPB 83) in 1/72 scale
Royal Netherlands Navy Pilot Boat Castor
Belgian Navy Ship Kamina (A-957) in  1/00 scale

Gallery 57

Dave Wooley's coverage of Kingsbury Navy day

Gallery 58

William Blackmore's USS Miantonomah in 1/96 scale

Gallery 59

Coverage of the Model Engineer Exhibition by Dave Wooley

Gallery 60

Paul van Eijl's Hr.Ms. Kortenaar (F807) in 1/100 scale
Paul van Eijl's Hr Ms De Ruyter (11935) in 1/100 scale
Paans' Hr.Ms. Jacob van Heemskerck (F-812) in 1/75 scale
Nils Lagergren's Imperial Russian warship Aurora in 1/100 scale
John Aartsen's  Corvette Fatahilla in 1/75 scale
John Aartsen's Minesweeper Drachten in 1/50 scale
John Aartsen's Frigate Witte de With (F813)  in 1/75 scale

Gallery 61

Duane Curtis' USS The Sullivans (DDG-68) in 1/96 scale

Gallery 62

USS Gurke (DD-783) in 1/48 scale by Gordon Briggs
USS South Dakota (BB-57) in 1/48 scale by Pieter Bakels
USS Bennett (DD-473) in 1/48 scale by Ron Berry

Gallery 63

Joe Park's IJN Akizuki Build in 1/96 scale

Gallery 64

IJN Yamato in 1/96 scale by Dave Manley

Gallery 65

Duane Curtis' USS Artic AOE-8 in 1/96 scale

Gallery 66

Richard Heim's Prinz Eugen in 1/100 scale
Larry Schaber's USS Wainwright (CG-28) in 1/96 scale
Eric Noe's HMS Danae in 1/96th scale
Eric Noe's HMS Arrow in 1/96th scale
NIck Carter's HMS Ark Royal in 1/96th scale
Andrew Grant's USS Missouri in 1/128 Scale
Bundesmarine destroyer D 185 L‹TJENS, by Dittmar Mathias
Prinz Eugen in 1/128th Scale by Dave Reith

Gallery 67

Bob Muller's USS Missouri (BB-63) in 1/96 scale
Bob Muller's USS Alaska (CB-1) in 1/96 scale
Steve Martin's HMCS Ontario in 1/96
Steve Martin's HMCS Haida in 1/96

Gallery 68

Coverage of the October 2008 North Carolina Fun Run by James Mousaw

Gallery 69

Coverage of the April 2003 Charleroi Exhibition by Alain Teneze

Gallery 70

Models by Eric Bertelsen

USCG Mohawk WMEC-913
HMCS St. John (FFH-340)  Halifax Class Frigate

Gallery 71 Coverage of the 2009 Pearl Harbor Mermorial Run at Santee Lakes, California by Joseph Park and James Mousaw

Gallery  72

Models by Graeme Martin

USS Missouri in 1/128th Scale
USS Missouri in 1/200 Sacle
HMS Warspite in 1/1228th Scale
HMNZS Cantebury (F-421) in 1/96th Scale
HMNZS Otago  in 1/72 scale
HMNZS Ross Sea in 1/72 scale
HMNZS Inverill in 1/72 scale

Gallery 73

Coverage of the 2009 National Model Boat Convention in Warrington, England, by Dave Wooley

Gallery 74

Carlton Purgold's 20' Model of the Battleship Bismarck

Gallery 75

Steve Kohl's USS PCE-877 in 1/96 Scale

Gallery 76

Models by Jantinus Mulder

The Willebrord Snellius
Russian frigate Admiral Levchecko 1/100 scale
Coastal defence ship De Zeven ProvinciŽn 1/100 scale

Gallery 77

HMS Penzance (M 106) by Dave Reith in 1/48 scale
HMS Clyde (P-257) by Dave Reith in 1/48 scale
Richard Thurston's 1/72 HMS Ocean (R68), Colossus-class light fleet aircraft carrier
Jim White's USS Dash (MSO-468) and YOG-5 in 1/96 scale
Ships by David McNairTaylor
 Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dauntless at 1/96 scale
 HMS Lancaster Type 23 Frigate
 HMS Exeter Type 42 Destroyer
 HMS Lincoln TYPE 61 Frigate
HMS Sir Galahad a Round Table Class Minesweeper in 1/48 scale
HMS Kirkliston Ton Class Minesweeper 1/48 scale
USS McNair (DD-679) in 1/96 scale

Gallery 78

James Gee's 1/96  USS Lloyd Thomas DD 764

Gallery 79

William Scheibel's 1/96 Scale USS Missouri (BB-63) in 1991 fit
Fernando Repetto Boerr's ARA Bouchard in 1/100 scale
USS Tennensee (BB-43) in 1/96 scale by Joe Mazza
USS New Jersey (BB-62) in 1/96 scale by Joe Mazza
USS Ticonderog (CV-14) in 1/96 scale by Joe Mazza

Ship Models by John Haynes

USS PC-487 in 1/96 scale
USS Southerland (DD-743) FRAM 1 Configuration in 1/96 scale
USS Missouri (BB-63) in 1/96 scale
USS Foreman (DE-633) in 1/96 scale
HMS Upholder in 1/72 scale
HMY Britannia
HMS Starling in 1/96 scale
HMS Hermes
USS Yorktown CV-10
USS Spar (WLB-403)
USS Missouri (BB-11)
HMS Belfast 1/192 scale (2 models)
HMS Sheffield in 1/96 scale
Dutch S class destroyer in 1/96 scale

Ship Models by John Haynes Gallery 2

HMS Ajax (Leander Class Light Cruiser, World War II) in 1/192 scale
HMS Ashanti (G-51) in 1/192 scale
USS Gearing  (DD-710) in 1/06 scale
HMS Euryalus (Dido Class Cruiser, World War II)
HMS Caistor Castle (K690)
German Battleship Scharnhorst
USS Gambier Bay in 1/128 scale

BB-62 Gallery

The USS New Jersey being built by Lee Upshaw of the Scale Shipyard

Museum Model Gallery

Highly detailed large scale models found in museums, useful for reference.  Includes some former R/C models by Butch Plake, Loren Perry and others. USS Arizona and IJN Akagi Model at Pearl Harbor, USS California Model at San Francisco, and a lot more.

Submitting your photos to this site:

All submissions are welcome, but if you want to save me a bit of work, here are some helpful things you can do:


Please send in photos of around 2000 Pixels in the largest dimension, andin a .jpg format.


I use the hull (or pennant) number, followed by a letter.  All names are lowercase.   For example - bb63a.jpg , bb63b.jpg and so forth.

Again, all pictures are welcome, but if you could submit me pictures meeting the above specifications I can get them on the site sooner, as I don't have to rename or resize . If you don't have a photo editiing program, not to worry, I can take care of all the above when I get a chance.   Many thanks!!

If you wish to send submissions via regular mail, please email me for my address.  I can scan them and post that way.  If you would like to have the photos returned, please enclosed a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Kurt Greiner

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