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 My 1:100 scale Z-15, a World War II German DD.  This photo was taken some years ago; I made the mistake of putting expanding foam in the bow of the ship, and, one very warm day, it did, tearing the bow apart.  It sat for a long time in my workshop, and later I sold it to Joe Park, who is doing a very nice job rebuilding it as Z-13.

 My 1/96 HMS Mohawk, built from the Dean's Marine kit.  An excellent starter model in this scale.

Lee Upshaw, owner of the Scale Shipyard, sends in some pictures of the USS Washington, now at the Los Angeles Maritme Museum.  This model was built by Chuck Galligan, with Lee's help, and was Chuck's first model! Note the hand laid planking on this model, with margin strips around all deck penetrations.

Lee also was kind enough to send in some views of current projects around his shop:  KM Bismarck, which belongs to a friend ,USS New Jersey BB-62, USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 (for a client) , USS Olympia SSN-717, USS Archerfish SSN-678.

Note all the models and hull masters on the shelfs around the shop.

From New Zealand, check out this 1/48 scale model of HMNZS Royalist, by Dick Hopper:


Here we see the Royalist in the water, and at flank speed:

July, 2007 Update

This photo shows cruiser Royalist, as per full-size 1955. At the time, she participated in joint exercises with US fleet Hawaii.

Dick has also sent in some nice pictures of other large scale warships...

The frigate HMNZS Canterbury, 30 years old, one of few Leander class surviving:

July 7, 2007 Update

This photo shows frigates Canterbury and Waikato at sea, both Leander type. Dick's current job is to renovate Waikato for a friend.

Here is a fleet review, all 1/48 scale, R/C multi-function. RNZNavy ships, from bottom to top - frigate Waikato,cruiser Royalist, frigates Taranaki and Canterbury, and current warship Te Mana (Maori for "authority or power"). Frigates named after New Zealand Provinces. The fleet has been built over 12 years from scratch

The final image is of Dick's Dumbarton Castle, patrol ship RN, at 1/48, with working water cannon to wet onlookers, and Seaking helo that  fires up both rotors:

July 28, 2007 Update

Here is a photo of Dick's HMS Intrepid in 1/72 scale. He built her many years ago, and has been on display to the public for many years at a tourist spot in Auckland, New Zealand. It is Radio controlled,  including 4 Radio controlled  landing craft which exited from flooded dock aft. A ballast railway inside hull enables the dock to be lowered.

March 3, 2008 Update

A shot of HMNZS Waikato, A Leander class Frigate.

July 1, 2008 Update

Dick writes:

4 photos of recent build of an Anzac Frigate HMNZS Te Mana, at 1/48 scale. Scratch-built.Working features include Seasprite helicopter rotor working, simutaneously with sound. Even got tail rotor working by using old camera bevel gear.Aldis lamp flashes messages.

Crew lined up on parade includes Maori sailors.

Photo with two warships includes long retired HMNZS Waikato, Leander frigate.

Photo taken on board full-size ship, and Captain inspecting model, perhaps the ultimate test of model authenticity.

HMNZS Black Prince in 1/48th Scale by Dick Hopper

The original Black Prince saw service in World War II escorting convoys to Russia and participating in the Normandy landings.  In 1/48 scale, the model is about 10 feet long, and requires 37 Kilos of ballast, leading to her local nickname, "HMS Hernia"

 (Black Prince is in the background)

From Canada,Dwayne Hill sent pictures of his Tribal Class Destroyer HMCS Athabaskan.  Dwayne wishes he could run with Dick's Royalist, as she too was built in 1/48 scale

Dwayne also contributes photographs of this very nice 1/48 scale model of  the USS MacDonough (DD-351), Farragut class destroyer built in 1934. The ship is completely scratchbuilt, Radio controlled, and in 1/48 scale, measures in at 86 inches.

Dwayne was also kind enough to send in some interior shots of the MacDonough as well

March 10, 2008 update

USS Tang, a Balao class submarine in 1/48 scale. The sub is scratch built, and was initially completed completely water tight. The most recent upgrade includes the introduction of a Water Tight Cylinder using excellent plans from Greg Sharpe of Deep Sea Designs.

Working functions:

From San Diego, California, Dave Manley of Small World Models sends in some pics of an Alfa class SSN based on a Scale Shipyard Kits and is being built by its owner, Joe Parks with an assist from Dave


Dave holds his USS Blueback (SS-581)model based on one of his new kits, also check out his USS Alabama (BB-60) in the background...

Dave also sent me this very interesting cutaway view of a WTC  (Water Tight Cylinder, which keeps the electonics dry on working submarines) he has developed for his line of submarines.

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