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Books on Ship Modeling

Scale Model Ship Propulsion by Tom Gorman

This richly illustrated manual is a comprehensive yet practical guide to the installation, operation, and maintenance of propulsion systems for scale model ships. Beginning with model and propulsion system options, the author goes on to describe both electric and steam systems, including the fitting and care of battery packs, radio controls, and the operation of steam boilers, with an emphasis on safety when dealing with pressurized containers. Paddle-wheels and screw propellers are covered as well as such specialized propulsion units as variable-pitch propellers, azimuth thrusters, and Voith Schneider units. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and the author's own technical line drawings and complemented by the inclusion of data tables and appendices with addresses of suppliers of materials and equipment, this eminently practical and useful handbook is indispensable reading for all working ship modelers. 200 plans and illustrations. Appendixes. 71/4 x 91/2 inches.

Workshop Practice for Ship Modelers: A Complete Practical Guide for the Occasional Engineer by Brian King

Brian King is a master ship modeler whose creations have one the hightest awards in England.  His writing is clear and descriptive, and this volume should be a valuable additon to the ship modeler's library.Broad in scope yet meticulous in coverage, this manual on workshops and workshop practices fills a long-neglected area for modelers seeking to improve their building skills. The author draws on many years spent developing and honing his techniques, knowledge that he passes on to the reader in this four-part book. He first discusses the design of the workshop and the types of tools and storage needed. The second section deals with materials, including an analysis of the properties and usage of metals, woods, plastics, and adhesives. Section three looks at machining methods, from lathe work to milling and photo etching. The fourth section, on model finishing, provides details on painting and the types of equipment required. This practical guide can be used both as an encyclopedia of tools and materials and an authoritative reference to help the reader decide what method to use to complete a specific task. 200 illustrations. 7 x 10 inches.  See Also Advanced Ship Modeling, by the same author.  Kurt's note:  I have this book and like it a lot, a great introduction into the uses of machine tools in steel ship modeling, highly recommended.

German Pocket Battleships : A Volume in the ShipCraft Model-Building Series by Roger Chesneau

Volumes in the Ship Craft series provide modeling enthusiasts with everything needed to expertly build and modify models of famous warship classes. Each lavishly illustrated guide includes a brief history of a class, an extensive color photographic survey of either high-quality models or surviving examples of the class, and large-scale plans highlighting differences among sister ships and alterations over time. Modelers get helpful hints on assembling and improving off-the-shelf kits along with guidelines on paint schemes and camouflage that include numerous color profiles and detailed line drawings. And each volume includes a critical survey of available model kits and extensive references to related books, plans, and websites. Read the reviews on this and the next book before buying, some folks have been disappointed with them - Kurt

King George V Battleships : A Volume in the ShipCraft Model-Building Series by Roger Chesneau - Another volume in the new Ship Craft series, this time covering the King George V class battleships that saw so much action during World War II.

Building Model Warships of The Iron and Steel Eras by Peter Beisheim . From nineteenth-century ironclads to the largest American carrier, this heavily-illustrated volume is a treasure-trove of information on modeling warships. Each of the ten chapters is written by a recognized expert who examines the challenges of recreating scale replicas ranging from static miniatures through large-scale working models. A sampling includes Philip Baggeley on the difficulties associated with delicate detailing on a very small scale; Erik Dyke analyzing the rapid technological developments of the Victorian era; Loren Perry explaining how basic kits can be converted into more advanced models; as well as chapters by David Jack, Stephen Henninger, David Merriman, Brian King, and editor Peter Beisheim on his superb static model of HMS Hood. The practical information, research tips, and bountiful illustrations make this compendium a must-have reference tool for model shipwrights everywhere. 144 pages. 142 photos. 14 line drawings. Notes. Index. Hardcover. 8 x 10 inches.

The Complete Marine Radio Control Manual by Hugh Bright.  An excellent work for the beginner or advanced modeler

Radio Control in Model Boats by John Cundell

The Basics of Model Boats by Glynn Guest

Advanced R/C boat modeling by John Finch

 Building a Working Model Warship : HMS Warrior 1860 This book is an inspiration.  The author shows you step by the the planning, building and heart stopping first sail of a fine model.  Even if you are not particular interested in Ironclads, you will find the book to be full of useful information on tools and techniques.

Working Scale Model Merchant Ships Even through devoted to Merchant ships, a lot of the basics of radio control, motor selection, batteries and such would of course be relevant to the Warship Modeler.

Ships in Miniature: The Classic Manual for Ship Modelers by Lloyd McCafferty - this title covers miniature ship modeling, but the tools and techniques should inspire and educate any ship modeler - I know it did for me!

Basics of Ship Modeling: The Illustrated Guide by Mike Ashey - geared towards plastic ship modelers, but full of good information for the beginner.

The Following books are sometimes available through Amazon's used book affiliates.  I am listing these for two reasons; first, so that new modelers learn about these titles, and second, to provide one possible source to find them.  Be patient, and you might get them in your library.

Advanced Ship Modeling, by Brian King.  Full of hints and tips on how to build large scale warship models, by a fellow who really knows his stuff.  Highly recommended - I thumb through this book often.

Building Warship Models by PC  Coker.  This could be the ultimate book for the warship modeler.  Long out of print but sometimes available through various used book sources, this is inspiration, pure and simple.  You will pay a pretty price for it if you can find it, but it will be worth it.

Building Fiberglass Ship Models from Scratch, by Richard Humphrey.  A nice, if dated, introduction to the subject

Techniques of Ship Modelling by Gerald Wingrove - an old title, with a lot out of date information, by a master modeler.  Though Gerald Wingrove is known more for his car models these days (which are spectacular), he once made fantastic miniature ship models.  Though small in scale, they had details that most large scale modelers would be proud of. This title still inspires and teaches despite its age. See his website here.

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