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The Toolbox Book You have to put your modeling tools somewhere.  This book is full of ideas for tool storage, and some of the most beautifully built toolboxes you will ever see.


In this store, I will feature tools I have found useful for building large models.  Do yourself a favor - shop around a bit on the prices you find, and if they are lower through these links please buy from my storefront. Comparison shopping on the Internet - and in real life -is always a good idea.  Sometimes your local Home Depot will have better prices.  Sometimes not.

I will try and illustrate some tools that you may not be aware of - for regular model tools, I would recommend MicroMark or Model Expo, as they are both great sources for most miniature tools.

First, some folks have asked about the camera I used to take digital pictures for my sites.  Here it is:

Sony MVC-FD83 Mavica Digital Camera  I have used this unit for a couple of years and really like it.  It saves images on regular floppy disks, so you don't have to mess with adapters for your computer.  It even takes short video segments (up to 15 seconds) , although the quality if somewhat lacking.   A nice camera in the upper middle price range.


Tormek 2004-T Super Grind 2004  This tool is on the short list of things that I am currently lusting for, after seeing it demonstrated on the New Yankee Workshop.  I love working with sharp tools, and this really looks like a way to get them that way.  Very expensive, and there are a lot of things a modeler should get first, but if you have everything else....or are looking to get me a birthday present...<g>

Update!  I got my Tormek!!!  Now, I have to be honest, and tell you that I got it at a Woodworking Show locally - a tad cheaper than through Amazon, since they throw in one of the accessories, and ate the sales tax.  I have used it for about 3 hours today so far, and it is everything I expected it to be.  All of my chisels are razor, and I mean razor sharp - I went through about a dozen Post-it notes testing all the blades, marvelling at how well this unit sharpens.  Then I worked on my pocket knife, and even some X-Acto blades.  Way cool tool.  If you have a woodworking show nearby that sells this tool, get it, or else consider ordering it here through Amazon.  Either way, if you do a lot of sharpening, it is a great unit.

Sanding, and cleaning up after you've been sanding...

Fein MSXE-636-2 Multi-Master Electric...  This is the smoothest hand sander I have ever used.  The difference between this tool and cheaper ones is the toll they take on your hands after just a few minutes use.  Great for sanding decks, and not too shabby for 1:1 scale window sills too.  Lots of attachments increase both the the machine's utility, and the amount of money you can spend.

Fein 9-55-13 Turbo II Dust-Free Vacuum  I admit it.  I am a tool freak - I love and collect all kinds of tools.  When my fellow modelers come over, they usually admire the mill or lathe in my shop at first.  But  after a while, the one tool that really wows them is this vacuum.  Why?  It's really quiet, for one, around 64 db.  So it's not like working around the exhaust of a 767.  And it is very powerful, to clean deep into corners, or to literally suck screwdrivers off your workbench.  Do not aim this monster at your model!  Especially useful when combined with...

PSI Woodworking Dust collection remote switch  Your vacuum plugs into the outlet, the switch clips on your belt, or goes into your pocket.  You turn on the vacuum when needed, turn it off after.  Way cool.  Hang the vacuum hose on the ceiling, and pretend you are working at the car wash.

Measure Twice, cut once, or throw away a bunch.

Chicago Brand 50001 6" Electronic Dial Caliper  To do accurate work you have to make accurate measurements.  I use an electronic dial caliper a lot, for measuring everything from parts to Evergreen strip.  This one looks serviceable, and is about half what I paid for mine.  Oh well...

Incra IRSET06 6" Marking Rule Set  If you haven't seen these cool rulers, you probably have not been to a woodworking show for a couple of years, since they are all the rage there!  These rulers have very precisely made slots for the tips of pencils milled into them.  How, I am not sure, but they are sure small.  What that gives you is very precise measuring, and more important, repeatability - no more squinting at the ruler, or trying to see if you were on the far side of the line.  I use 'em and like 'em.  This is a set of three.  Also available in Incra  12",  and Incra 18"  sets.  The longer set requires a bit of care in storage as the  thin rulers can be easily bent.


Quick-Grip 53006 4-1/4" Micro Bar Clamp  I like these little clamps for holding deck edge strips onto the sides of hulls, and a host of other clamping projects.  The jaws are padded with soft plastic, a real plus when working on a surface you don't want to mar, but a bit of a disadvantage when working around a flame, such as soldering.  Anyone want to buy a slightly melted set?

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