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North Carolina Fleet Run 2008

James Mousaw was kind enough to supply a CD of photographs covering this event - thanks James!

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William J. Blackmore -  USS Arizona BB-39

Photo by Eric Bertelsen

Charles Lamm - USS Rochester CA-124 and  CG-26 Belknap

Charles Huet - USS Yorktown CG-48

Joey Joyner - USS Lang FF-1060 and DDG-23 USS Richard E. Byrd  

The Duane Curtis Fleet:

USS Truman CVN 75

USS Wisconsin BB 64

USS Boone FFG 28

USS Anzio CG 68

USS Arctic AOE 8

Photos by Eric Bertelsen

USS Kidd DDG 993
USS Carter Hall LSD 50
USS Ramage DDG 61

Eric Bertelsen - Homeport Models -  USS Bunker Hill CG-52 - Canadian Halifax class FFH - Bear Class WMEC

Ed Saunders -  Emily Lauren

Bob Hoernke - USS Phoenix - USS Tucson

SS Hog Island

USS Chatham Ak-169

USS Somers DD-381

Joe Wallace - USS Richard L. Page FFG-5

Todd Smith's USS Brooklyn ACR-3

Ward Creech's USS Spartanburg County LST-1192

Eddie Hathaway's USS Guadalcanal LPH-7 and PT-109

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