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Jerry Shaw's USS Forrestal (CV-59)  1/96 scale

Jerry writes...

I saw your site and thought you might like to see my model of the USS Forrestal CV59. It is almost 12 feet long and is in the configuration she appeared in around 1988. It has 80 motors which work everything---elevators-doors-anchors-antennas-both cranes-screws-rudders-and tractors that push and pull planes etc. It took 13 years to build, but I have been working on it for over 30 years.I had access to the real ship and everytime they changed anything(which was often) I changed the model--including the planes.  She started off as a radio control ship, but as the ship grew more complete, complex and fragile she has been retired to static display.

Richard F. Smith III's USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in 1/125 scale

Completely scratchbuilt

Construction/ Time: Wood / seven months

Foam carved to shape.

1/8" birch plywood wrapped around foam, twice; (double haul) then foam is later removed.

After foam is removed build keel and framework along with outer ship.

Water proof using a fine auto putty, then resin.

Begin wiring and detailing carrier

One of three visible hanger decks, fully animated.

Deck shot of super structure.

Stern of ship; note figures taking smoke break.

Hand crafted forklift on elevator.

Deck of carrier set up for receiving supplies.

Airplanes are made from scratch, using woodworking tools such as the Dremel band sander show above.

6/17/2006 - A day on the pond

7/29/2006 - Flight Ops

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