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Ship Models by John R. Haynes

Hayne's Ship Models Gallery 2

This page is to show off the models, and more importantly, the techniques employed by Mr. Haynes in the construction of his fine models.

John Haynes at work on his model of HMS Hermes

USS PC-487 in 1/96 scale

For this project, John highly recommends the book PC Patrol Craft of World War II: A History of the Ships and Their Crews, by Wm. J. Veigele ISBN: 0-9645867-1-1 This book and plan gives all the detail down to the last rivet .

USS Southerland (DD-743) FRAM 1 Configuration in 1/96 scale

USS Missouri (BB-63) in 1/96 scale

She is depicted in her 1945 configuration.  This model is displayed onboard the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

USS Foreman (DE-633) in 1/96 scale

HMS Upholder in 1/72 scale

HMY Britannia

John has also sent in photo of a completed model, the last Royal Yacht, Britannia.

HMS Starling in 1/96 scale

If you study these photos, you can learn a lot about the construction of a highly detailed model.  The real Starling was responsible for a Baker's dozen submarine kills during World War II - a very impressive record indeed!

July, 2005 Update


HMS Hermes

John Built this model about 14 years ago in 1/96 scale.

USS Yorktown CV-10

USS Spar (WLB-403)

USS Missouri (BB-11)

This model currently resides on the USS Missouri (BB-63) showing how far naval technology had progressed in just over 40 years.

HMS Belfast 1/192 scale

Models built for the Imperial War Museum

1939 Fit

1959 Fit

HMS Sheffield in 1/96 scale

Built for a private client

1/96 S class Destroyer

John built this model a few years ago for the Amsterdam Maritime Museum . It was for a trustee that was on this ship in the Korean War , after the ship was passed by the RN the the Neatherlands Navy.

John Haynes Ship Model Gallery 2

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