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Welcome to the Museum Models Page.  From time to time I get a chance to visit various maritime museums and photograph high quality, large scale models.   Though not Warship Models Underway, they are valuable references.

If there are similar models near you, please send in some pictures.  Sometimes local museums or state capitals will have large scale (1/4"  or 1/48 scale) builder's models.  For example, the Iowa state capitol has a very nice large scale model of the USS Iowa on display.; I would like to see pictures of her.  So, as always, your photo contributions are very welcome!

Warship Models at the San Francisco Maritime Museum
(Featuring models of the USS California (BB-44) and the USS Oregon (BB-3)

Warship Models at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum
(Featuring models of the USS Long Beach CGN-9, USS Canberra CA-70, USS Huston CA-30, USS Ford FFG-54 USS Nevada BB-36, and USS Washington BB-56)

Wind Class Icebreaker at Coast Guard Museum Northwest

USS Missouri (BB-11) by John Haynes at the USS Missouri Museum, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

USS Arizona and IJN Akagi Models at the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Hawaii

HMS Queen Elizabeth at the London Science Musuem

IJN Abakuma from the Movie Tora Tora Tora


These Pictures were taken 7/19/00 at the National Maritime Museum, San Francisco...

USS California BB-44

This model was built at Mare Island, where the real ship was constructed.  It represents the ships as she appeared in her original form as launched.  She was heavily damaged at Pearl Harbor and extensively rebuilt with a very different appearance thereafter. The model is 1/48 scale - check out those cage masts!

USS Oregon BB-3

This grand old ship, a veteran of the Spanish-American War, was preserved as a museum until World War II. Then, she was turned over for scrapping, partially stripped, and turned into an ammunition hulk. A sad end for "McKinley's Bulldog"!

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