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December 9, 2006 Santee Lakes Task Force 96 / Eighth Fleet Run

Large Scale Ship Modelers gather once each year on a weekend close to December 7 to do a Pearl Harbor Memorial Run.  This is an Incomplete Fleet type of run, where projects in a stages of completion are encourage to attend and r un.

This year, we held a special donation of propellers to the lake; a total of 4 were lost for various reasons (including one off my new Gneisenau).  It pays to check those set screws!

Special Thanks to Walt Briese and Joseph Park  who supplied some of these photographs!

Most of the participants

The Kriegsmarine Contingent - Kurt Greiner's Gneisenau, Dave Manley's Scharnhorst, Joseph Park's Z-13, and Lee Upshaw's Graf Spee

Joseph Park's KM Z-13 and Lee Upshaw's Graf Spee

Lee Upshaw's Graf Spee

Joseph Park's KM Z-13

Dave Manley's Scharnhorst and Kurt Greiner's Gneisenau (with the blue turrets)

Mike Pfloeger's USS Shangri-LA

James Mousaw's USS Iowa

Kurt Greiner's USS John Paul Jones

Marty Bunch's USS Kidd

Chad Queen's USS California

Walt Briese's USS Curtis Wilbur and USS Vincennes

Richard Smith's USS Tarawa

Richard Smith's USS Theodore Roosevelt

Jack Bitters behind his USS Rentz

Two views of Dave Manley's Fleet of ships, including a Perry Class Frigate, his Scharnhorst, USS Alabama and destroyer USS Johnston, and submarines

Lee Upshaw's USS New Jersey

Steve Vick's USS Atlanta

Steve Vick's YTB (Large Harbor Tug)

Jim Hawkin's USS Tennensee

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