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Russ French's USS Winston S. Churchill in 1/72 scale

Russ writes:

CHURCHILL was built as a project that I had always wanted to do after seeing the Arliegh Burke Class DDG's at sea and chose her as Sir Winston Churchill had a connection to Australia from the war years.

She is built to 1:72 scale and features full RC control with independant engines with gas turbine sound effects, Rotaing and elevating 5" gun with sound effects and full navigation lights, flight deck lights and upper deck lighting. She can also fire 8 scale SM-3 missiles from the forward launcher by radio control and has an onboard colour camera which feeds live video footage back to shore.

January 27, 2007 update

Note from Editor - we don't encourage anyone without the proper training and background to utilize pyrotechics of any kind on remote control models- I don't use them on my all models for this reason. Please use common sense and observe all safety measures. If you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, don't take a chance with your life.

The firing VLS system out of the model. Hooks up to the firing control box in the hull under the forward superstructure.

Aft- the aft end of the superstructure. Under the aft VLS is the switchboard to turn all the systems on

Bridge- bridge structure of the ship. This section removes to allow access to the batteries/electronics.

Forward- shows the space for the forward firing VLS to fit

Camera-Shows the small port for the colour camera. Shows a great view from the camera and you can see the smoke trail from missiles as they fire as well as sound.

Mid-mid section of the ship. The speakers for the gas turbine sound effects are under each funnel uptake so that as each engine is throttled up and down the pitch changes from the appropriate engine room. Aft stack and deck area are removable to allow access to engines, shafts and electronics.

Flight-flight deck of Churchill. Another SH-60R is being built at the moment with running main and tail rotors as well as strobe lights. All the lights including spot lights, centre line, boundary lights and LSO/HCO cabins light up with 1.5volt incandescent lights.

Mast-rear view of the mast structure. Nav radar on the platform rotate.

Alain Teneze's Richelieu in 1/100 scale

This was Alain's second ship model, and first battleship.  She is in in eastern camouflage 1946 "Retour d'Indochine".   Length is 8' 2", and weight is 43 kg.

May 2009 Update

Alain Teneze's 1/72 scale USS Missouri (BB-63)

Alain is scratchbuilding this Mighty Mo, 12' 3" in length and 18 inches in beam.  For easy transport, the hull breaks into two halves, bolting together above the waterline.  The Floating Drydock Plan Book on the battleship is the principal reference.  Guns are being made to fire using a black powder system, and the turrets rotate on ball bearing races.

September 16 . 2007 Update; progress on forward part of hull

May 26, 2009 Update

September 24, 2009 Update

November 17, 2009 Update

Each of the Mk 38 Main Battery Directors is made from 238 pieces of plastic

The propeller struts

Alain's Cat Bouboule explores the model, and re-entacts one of the more famous scenes from the movie "Titanic"

September 24, 2010 Update

First water test, but the ship is light even with 71 kilos of ballast.

August 27, 2011 Update

More progress, the beginning of paint on the supestructure, and photoetched wheels and laddesr

Febuary 14, 2012 Update

Turrets, and more detail

December 19, 2012 update

40mm gun tub on top of turret

Alain Teneze's LCM-3 in 1/15 Scale

You can find more, and larger views of this model on Alain's Skydrive.

Alessandro Cenci's Bismarck in 1/128 scale

Alessandro used a Fleetscale hull and fittings set, and added his own scratchbuilt parts. He also hand planked the deck as you can see in the more recent photos.

July 10, 2007 Update

Alain Craniotakis sends in photos from the South of France

Greek Corvette Armatolos in 1/72 scale

Greek Destroyer Velos in 1/125 scale (converted from the Lindberg Blue Devil Destroyer kit)

French Ocean Tug  Tenace converted from the  Revell Hermann Marwede 1/72 kit by David Hamou

1/100 Patrol Boat conversion from 1/72 Airfix kit; The grey part of the hull is the original MTB Hull, Spurstructure's made in plasticard, the Bofor Gun is all Scrathbuilt to 1/100 th Scale.  Model by David Hamou

Some General Views of Alain's model club - note the nice piers and islands.

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