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Paul van Eijl's Hr.Ms. Kortenaar (F807) in 1/100 scale

Paul van Eijl's Hr Ms De Ruyter (11935) in 1/100 scale

This ship was built in the Netherlands in 1935 for service in the West Indies, and was sunk in the battle of Java Sea by the Japanese in 1942.  The model is 178 cm. long and fully radio controlled with turning turrets and catapult.  It was built from wood and ABS plastic.

Adriaan Paans' Hr.Ms. Jacob van Heemskerck (F812) in 1/75 scale

A unit of the Royal Dutch Navy

Nils Lagergren's Imperial Russian warship Aurora in 1/100 scale

John Aartsen's  Corvette Fatahilla in 1/75 scale

John Aartsen's Minesweeper Drachten in 1/50 scale

John Aartsen's Frigate Witte de With in 1/75 scale

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