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Phillip writes:

It is now manufactured in England by PSShips / Sirmar,  and this hull is the first made here.

1. There will be a limited number made 20 hulls made and no more, after that the mold will be destroyed. The hulls are available now.

2. Brass Superstructures are available now.

3. A running set is available now.

4. Plans. (I still recommend Nick Fox in Australia. He has agreed to supply a set at 1:44 scale.)

5. Fittings will become available. Not available yet. These hulls are now in production.

Note:  The mold marks that these are normal  products of the manufacturing process, and they easily sand off.

Anchor and fairlead. These are available in brass. The anchors come in two sizes. The smaller for the stern. Hawsers to follow.

Brass Superstructure for Bismarck

December 29,2006 Update

Frames in the rough

Port Holes Fitted

Shaft tubes in place with temporary jig to hold in place until bonded

Seeing how he will look with the top in place

Servos in position, showing the easy access

Motors Next!

January 20, 2007 update

Buhler motors installed

Speed Controllers and Fuse panel installation

February 2, 2007 Update

May 4, 2007 Update

Hull Painted with Anti-Fouling. Boot Top is next.

A closer View, Bars going for and aft in a frame.

Shows new Sea Chests. On a recent trip to Dortmund I was lucky enough to see a few pictures of the real Sea Chests on some original photos..

Showing anodes on "A" Frames. These were made as separate anodes and coated with solder and then soldered to the "A" Frames. They will be left as they are and not painted.

Rudders in place. They have received the same treatment as far as the anodes are concerned.

The next coat of paint is the Boot Top and it goes from the Anti-Foul to the Masking Tape.

View from Stern showing all the Shiny bits.

Stern looking Forward.

The "working end".

July 13, 2007 Update - the floatation test

Checking the model for ballast and trim

July 18, 2007 Update - a few details

August 11, 2007 Update - Ballast Tests

September 15, 2008 - Decking applied

May 26, 2009 - Decking complete, the next step is to plane and sand smooth

May 27, 2009 Planking sanded

July 10, 2009 Superstructure work is progressing

January 20, 2010 update - more brass work

March 29, 2010 Update - decking and more

Completing all the levels in decking

Mock up of the photo etch

Generic planks are pre-caulked

King planks in place

My face plate sanded - used all day, every day! (Old Faithful...)

Plank caulking and trimming area

The pencil lines on the deck ensure that plank spacings stay in step

The webb gratings will lay on either side of the director and inside the observation area

This is what my workbench looks like when I am working

June 22, 2010 Update

The struggle goes on as ever.
Before and after shots attached.
That completes all deck planking.
The bare area on the after-section behind the director did have planking at one stage but was removed for the time that I am building the ship.

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