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Philip Ardell's  1/72 scale Bismarck Project, Page 2

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Main Turret Etch is in .5mm brass

Cut components out and clean off spraggs

I was going to bend the roof section but on examination of photographs saw that they were definitely sheets bolted to a frame so I had to follow real build to get the effect


End sections cut and will now be soldered into place.


Main roof section laid down and turret frame laid out


End bits added and tacked into place.


Turned over. Do not fuss about solder getting on plates. This is normal. You will clean all outside solder off when finished.


I was going to fold the sides but the radius was wrong. So I cut them in my guillotine to give the sharp edge. Number everything you cut to save yourself from mistakes.


Add the side bits. Pay the closest attention to the edge joins. When the model is painted this is the detail that will catch your eye.


The corner piece at the front added last.


Add the side bits.


Front and back sections next.


As the front and back sections are radiused they need to be rolled to diameter.


The back of the turret has a kick in it so put it in the brake press and carefully bend.


Turret in the rough. Some detail etched in and the rest to be added once cleaned up and attachment system worked out.


Anton and Bruno ............ Starting to look like a battleship.


Side view.

August 23, 2010 Update

Looking like a battleship at last

Guns will traverse

I am using a model tank system with a modified controller

Very battleship-like!

A difficult part of the build is making the turret tops both removable and having a good fit for appearance.

September 24, 2010 Update

Masters for Ship's boats

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