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William Scheibel's 1/96 Scale USS Missouri (BB-63) in 1991 fit

Bill writes

I wish to submit my LATE MODEL (1991 era) Uss Missouri in 1/96th scale . I have not yet seen a completed one yet, so I want to be the first one. My name is Bill Scheibel, I am from Jacksonville Fl. I am 62 years old and have building models my whole life. I also have a Tico class cruiser I built about 15 years ago and a Burke class destroyer type 2A I built about 5 years ago also in 1/96th scale. They are both also R/C. If you want pictures of them also let me know.

I built the entire Missouri from scratch. The only parts I purchased are the helicopters and propellers. The hull is framed with 3/4 inch plywood. The bottom of the hull is also 3/4 in ply. The hull is planked with 1/4 in pine then two layers of 10oz fiberglass. The deck and superstructure is 3/32 plexiglass as is also the main turrets. I also used wood sealed in CA glue for some parts. All gun barrels are brass tubing. Stantions are music wire and the lifelines is nylon tread. After the tread is painted it very convincing.

The ship is painted with krylon paint. It is all I will use. It dries fast. It is very hard to run and you hardly have to worry about overspray. The topsides is pewter gray. The bottom is cherry red. Nonskid is smoke gray. The nonskid is applied by regular painting, then after it dries abit, then a couple of lite fog coats to give it texture.

Fernando Repetto Boerr's ARA Bouchard in 1/100 scale

Fernando writes:

My destroyer “ARA Bouchard” in scale 1:100 (Sumner Fram II Class), scratchbuilt  in wood.  This ship served in World War II, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, and later during the Guerra de las Malvinas AKA the Falklands War.

Joe Mazza's Warships

USS Tennessee (BB-43) in 1/96 scale

Joe writes

I built the 1/96 78" USS Tennessee_BB43_WW2_ Post Pearl Harbor after major reconstruction..... built with a Fleetscale Fiberglass Hull.....MFA800 Torpedo Motors...VYPER 120a speed control.... sailed at the Fleet Meet October 2014 Rocky Mount...total construction time was 8 months..

USS New Jersey (BB-62) in 1/96 scale

Joe writes:

Here are the pictures on the 1/96 USS New Jersey BB-62....I added the picture of 3 sisters at Duane Curtis's house taken on Nov 5,2014 when I started work on the NJ.....The ship is still under construction......Maiden Voyage was at Lake Rousseau_ Crystal River,_FL.......May 08,2015.

USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) in 1/96 scale

Joe writes:

I have a few more pictures of a new ship that I'm building ............a Scale Shipyard 1/96 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 ESSEX Carrier -----Measure 33 camouflage....World War 2...........it's still under construction....but I accomplished a lot in the past 5 months that it took to get to this point...... I hope to have the Carrier ready for Rocky Mount 2016

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