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Shane Doyle's 1/72 model of HMAS PERTH

This is the Australian variant of the US Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyers

Trevor Birch's USS Steven Hopkins in 1/96 scale

The atmospheric shots were taken in December, 2005, and the sunny shots in April of 2006

Trevor Birch's Z-39 in 1/100

Built using the Dean's Marine Z-39 kit.

Trevor Birch's USS Jerimiah O'Brien in 1/96 scale

Trevor has built the model as she appears today - the Jerimiah O'Brien is a living memorial to the Liberty ships, and goes out on cruises regularly. Trevor obtained the figures from his local Model Railway Shops and off EBAY from far flung places like Portugal and China. Some were ready painted...the expensive ones ,and the rest needed painting, thanks to the kind efforts of his daughter for  doing this!

M. Paul Lloyd's Monitor M-29 in 1/72 scale

World War I monitor, circa 1915

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