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Welcome to the SeaPhoto Online Catalog.  If you have not visited before, please read the introduction, as it has important information about the products offered by SeaPhoto.  In particular, pay attention to the "Q"  or quality rating of each set, as they do vary in photographic quality (Q9 is the highest rating)

If you are making a model of a ship, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the selection.  Don't worry, you can always purchase additional photographs  - though by all means, order as many as you like at any time!  I have found in general that the most useful photographs are those taken from overhead as a ship goes under - many of my shots have been taken from the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the premier spots in the world for a ship photographer.  In general, I take a couple of overall views, and then a mosaic of shots from the bow to stern as the ship passes.  These can be extremely useful.  Don't overlook the same type of shot taken from shore too.  I also have a large assortment of on board photographs taken aboard many different ships, for those that want the "nuts and bolts".  Be sure to visit the sample pages when you get a chance.

Varyag sample

Russian Cruiser Varyag, photographed from the Golden Gate Bridge - click on the image to see what digital photos look like when delivered electonically.  To find sets taken digitally, look for this  icon SeaPhoto Digital icon

dd91c10 sample

Shots taken during the film era will not be as large, averaging 1800 pixels when scanned.  Click on the image for a full size sample

The Catalog is organized by ship type.  I have kept the pages simple and the graphics small to speed loading and to allow you to print them if you desire.  If you have any questions, please email me!

Please note that many of the illustrations in the online catalog are in black and white.  All SeaPhoto sets (except a few that are clearly noted) are full color: Black and white is used to speed page loading and conserve server space.

Kurt Greiner

Owner, SeaPhoto Maritime Photography.

What's New in the Online Catalog  Last Update 1/ 27 / 2020

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Books by Kurt Greiner featuring SeaPhoto photography:

Warship Pictorial # 24 - Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers - Limited Supply Remaining.

Warship Pictorial # 35 - Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruisers

SeaPhoto Photo Collections!

We now have photo collections for the following ships. Click for more details on any collection.

Digital Delivery!   CD's are now available for delivery via Dropbox, a service that costs nothing for you to use.  With digital delivery there is no shipping fee, and you generally get your files the same day you order. With digital, you don't have to worry about system compatability either.

USS Midway (CV-41) -Class . This collection include onboard coverage of the museum ship, supplemented with views of both the Midway and Coral Sea when they were operational.  A great value! USS Pampanito (SS-383) - Photo collection. Includes extensive onboard covereage, drydock views, overhead views, and more.  Perfect for use with the upcoming Revell kit. USS Texas - the Ultimate Collection - This is the big one, with hundreds of onboard shots, period shots, scans of cruise books from both World Wars, drawings, photos of Derek Brown's award winning 1/350 scale model and even more!
Russian Slava Class Cruiser Varag - A very comprehensive photo collection covering this ship, including on board, overhead and at sea views. Russian Sovremennyy Class Guided Missile Destroyer  - great detail shots of this ship, along with two other ships, a Russian training ship, the Smol'nyy, and the Indian Krivak class frigate Talwar.  Be sure to check this one out, it is an outstanding value. USS New Jersey World War II Cruise Book digital file - the complete contents of the War Log, 1941-1945, the cruise book of the USS New Jersey.  Every page has been scanned, including covers and end papers. The books covers the crew and history of the New Jersey, from launch to victory.  Many great action photos too.
USS Missouri (BB-63) - shots of the museum battleship, underway views from 1991, and shots of the 1/48 scale Gibbs and Cox model in the Washington Navy Yard, all on one collection! USS Cobia  (SS-245) and USS Cod (SS-224) - views of two museum submarines, including many details World War II German Destroyer  - From the  US archives, detail shots of the Z-39 and T-35, fantastic views that until now were very expensive to obtain. Many details and overall views of these fine looking ships, including drydock shots.  You will not be disappointed!

These collections are excellent values, and we have received nothing but positive comments on them.

SeaPhoto Photo Sets

Ships and Weapons of the US Navy and Coast Guard

Weapons and Sensors


Aircraft Carriers




Frigates and Destroyer Escorts

Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)

PT, Patrol and Special Warfare

Amphibious Assault Ships,
Landing Ship Dock, Landing Ship Tank, and other Amphibious


Auxiliary Ships
Supply Ships, Oilers and Tenders and other Support Ships

Naval Tugs
Ocean going (ATF, T-ATF) and yard tugs (YTB, YTM)

Miscellaneous Auxiliaries
Floating Drydock, Experimental Craft (Sea Shadow)

Sealift Ships
Prepositioned cargo ships of the Military Sealift Command

US Coast Guard

US Naval Aviation Aircraft

Other Nations Warships

African Navies
Algeria, South Africa



Latin America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico
Check out the old Fletcher and other US destroyers still operating...

Including Canadian Naval Aviation



Includes museum World War II submarines, and former East German missile corvette, Charles F. Adams class DDG

Incuding a Krivak III Frigate


Including the latest Aegis Destroyers

The Netherlands

New Zealand

Commonwealth of Independent States, and the former Soviet Union

Scandanavian Navies
Including Finland; also includes Baltic States such as Latvia

South Korea
Including their latest Destroyer


United Kingdom

Merchant Ships

Liberty and Victory Ships

NS Savannah


Commercial Tugs

Oil Tankers

Automobile Carriers

Container Ships

Cruise Ships - including Ocean Liners


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