USS New Jersey:

War Log: 1941 - 1945

Cruise Book on CD!

We are excited to announce our latest CD - the complete contents of the World War II cruise book of the USS New Jersey - the War Log.

From cover to end papers, you get everything that is in the book
Please note that the pictures on the CD are 8 times larger than these samples!

In another effort to supply the best possible reference material to the naval enthusiast, SeaPhoto is introducing a new product, the cruise book on CD.  Cruise books were produced for a number of US Navy Ships following World War II, and, similar to a high school yearbook, allowed the crew members to remember and celebrate their achievements while on board.  They were produced in very limited numbers, and are considered highly collectible these days.  SeaPhoto has a number of these books on hand, and starting with this volume, will offer high quality scans of the books so that all naval enthusiasts can benefit from these valuable research tools.

In this CD, you get:

Full size scans average about 2100 pixels high by 1500 pixels wide; smaller scans are 800 pixels high.  PC compatibles only.

All this for $ 14.99 plus $ 5.00 S/H in the US,  $ 8.00 elsewhere in the world.  We accept Paypal, check or cash. For Paypal, use as your pay address.

Would you prefer free digital delivery?  All over our digital products can be delivered via Dropbox, which is free for you to use to reciever files.   Files are usually sent within 24 hours, so you get your photos much sooner, and you save the shipping and handling charge.


Stunning Action Photos

The complete text (in a size you can read, I promise!)

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