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Naval Aviation Photography

Although we are primarily a resource for ship photography, we realize that there is also an interest in those aviation subjects associated with naval matters, so we have started a new section for those who want them.

Naval Aircraft

MV-22 Osprey

seaphoto digital Taken October 2011 onboard the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6).  This is a digital set, so if you choose digital delivery you can zoom in on the details.

Set MV-22 A  23 views, details all around aircraft, great details.    Q9   $ 17.25

Electronic Counter Measures Aircraft

EA-6B Prowler

The only ECM aircraft left in the US Military, these are used to aid strikes deep into enemy territory by confusing air defense networks.

Set EA6BA 10 views, all around aircraft, good details. Shot aboard CV-64. Q9 $ 7.50

S-3 Viking

Carrier based Antisubmarine warfare aircraft

Set S3A 11 views, all around aircraft, includes views of sonabuoy dispensers under aircraft, shot aboard CV-64. Q9 $ 8.25

Naval Helicopters

SH60B Lamps III These helicopters are used by the US Navy for anti-submarine warfare as well as a variety of other tasks. They operated from frigates, destroyers and cruisers, as well as from shore.

Set SH60BA 9 views, close details, with a dimension stick, of SH60B on CG-62, very useful. Q 9 $ 6.75


Antisubmarine warfare aircraft operated from Aircraft Carriers.

Set SH60FA 18 views, walking all around helo, great details, helo is in folded, stored position - very useful for modeling . Q9 $ 13.50

SH-2F Lamps I

Set SH2FA 3 views, in flight, overall $ 2.25

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