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Weapons and Sensors

Individual Weapons and Sensors

From time to time I get a chance to document a weapon or sensor unusually thoroughly. Rather than group them with a specific ship set, it seems to make more sense to offer them separately if they are fitted to more than one class.


SPS 49

Air search radar used on a wide variety of frigates, cruisers and battleships

Set SPS49A 7 views of radar in shipping crate on dock, antennae is in two pieces, shows a lot of good detail. Q9 $ 5.25


Separate Tracking and Illumination Radar, Used on Perry Class Frigates for missile control. Photographed 10/92 by Lee Upshaw

Set SPG60A 6 views , good details all around unit Q9 $ 4.50



Bushmaster, 25 mm Chain Gun, Mk 38 Mod 0

Added to surface combatants as needed for defense against small craft.

Set Mk28A 2 views, side and rear, photographed on board DDG-53, 3/97 Q9 $ 1.50

Bushmaster, 25 mm Chain Gun, Mk 38 Mod 2

This version adds more capability and is remotely controlled within the ship.

Set DDG91K 17 views, on board details, views of the new Busmaster Mk 25 Mod 2 remotely operated cannon. $ 12.75

CIWS (Close In Weapon System, also known as Phalanx)

The last resort in the event of incoming missiles, this mount tracks both the incoming target and the outgoing projectile, and adjust fire until the two track meet.

Set CIWSA 3 views, front side and foundation on a FFG Q8 $ 2.25

Set CIWSB 15 views, overalls and extreme close-ups , CG mount, great shots of magazine, very suitable for superdetailing. Q9 $ 10.75

40 mm Twin Mount, Mk 1

Used on large number of World War II warships - combined with the proximity fuse, it was a devastating AA weapn.

Set 40mmMk1A 3 views, 1 overall from front, 2 details of mid part and rear doors. Shot at Fredericksburg, TX

5"/54 gun, Mk 45

Used on Cruisers (CG-47, CGN) Destroyers (DDG-51,DD-963) and other ships

Set 5"/54Mk45 10 views, all around mount, great details including look inside RH access panel. On board DDG-65, 6/96 Q9 $ 7.50



Large, long ranged Missile used on the USS Long Beach and a few cruiser conversions.

Set RIM8GA 7 views, 2 overall, 1 of data plaque, 4 details of body and fins Q9 $ 5.25


Medium Range Missile used until replaced by the Standard ER, on of the 3 T program (Talos, Terrier,Tartar)

Set RIM2A 5 views. one of data plaque, 4 of missile body Q9 $ 3.75


Small surface to air missile used as the main battery of small combatants, or secondary battery for cruiser size ships

Set RIM24A 3 views, one of date plaque, 2 of missile Q9 $ 2.25

Missile and Rocket Launchers

Rolling Airframe Missile Launcher, Mk 49

Replacing CIWS on many important units, this is a 24 cell air defense launcher.

Set MK49A , onboard USS Oldendorf, 5 views, 2 overall, 3 details, very clear details Q9 $ 3.75

Set MK49B, on LSD 52 4 views, 2 side views, one closeup, 1 detail rear of launcher, 1 view underneath Q9 $ 3.00

Sea Sparrow Launcher, Mk 29

Used on a wide variety of US and other country's warships, this is an 8 cell box launcher

Set Mk29A 3 views, onboard USS Ingersoll (DD-990), front, side from deck, rear from next level. Good, useful views, very clear. Q9 $ 2.25

Weapon Alfa, Anti-submarine rocket launcher Mk 108

Postwar successor to the hedgehog, this was a trainable rocket thrower. Some nice views of a rarely seen weapon are in the following set.

Set Weapon Alfa 1 5 views, mount is on display at New York's Intrepid Museum - nice views. Q9 $ 3.75

Torpedo and Torpedo Tubes

Torpedo Tube, Mk 32

Widely used on US warships since the 60's, as well as many other nations.

Set TTMk32A 2 views, side and end view, on DDG with RAM applied to tube Q9 $ 1.50

Set TTMk32B 5 views, overall, end, base, instruction plate, mechanism Q9 $ 3.75

Torpedo Tube, Mk. 15

Quintuple tube used on World War II era destroyers, these are the blast shielded rear tubes.

Set TTMk15A 3 views, 1 overall from front, 2 details of mid part and rear doors. Shot at Fredericksburg, TX Q9 $ 2.25

Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV)

DASH - (Drone Anti -Submarine Helicopter)

Remotely piloted anti submarine helicopter deployed during the 1960's, it was designed to carry a torpedo to target at a cost less than ASROC. Did not prove reliable in US service (half were lost at sea) , and was discontinued. This example is preserved aboard the museum destroyer USS Laffey at Patriots Point, Charleston, SC.

Set DASH A 12 views, all around the helicopter, showing general arrangement and details. Excellent reference. Q9 $ 9.00

Pioneer UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Notable as the first unmanned aircraft that has ever had Troops surrender to it…

Set RPV1A 5 views, shots of front, side and tail of vehicle, nice sunny day, excellent detail. Q9 $ 3.75

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