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Tribal Class (1940's)

Considered among the best looking traditional destroyers ever built, the Tribals served with distinction during World War II and for many years after. There were Tribals in a variety of dominion Navies, all named after local indigenous peoples.

HMCS Haida

The last of the Tribal Class, she is in her late 50's appearance, after being modernized for more effective antisubmarine warfare. Photographed in Toronto, Canada, 1994.

Set G63A 24 views, 1 very nice portrait, port side overall, 23 great details, almost perfect lighting conditions. Q9 $ 18.00

Set G63B 25 views, on board, Torpedo Tubes, AA weapons, stack, other details. Q9 $ 18.75

Set G63C 24 views, onboard, Squid Mortar, Light AA, hatches, details around bridge. Q9 $ 18.00

Set G63D 24 views, onboard, stern area, Squid A./S Mortar, AA Gun, other details. Q9 $ 18.00

Set G63E 24 views, some overall, some details from dock, main deck details, main guns. Q9 $ 18.00

Set G63F 7 views, stacks, boat, torpedo tubes. Q9 $ 5.25

Tribal Class ( Modern)

HMCS Algonquin DDH-283

Photographed 9-94, Seattle , Washington Tribal class destroyer modernized under the TRUMP program with US type Mk 41 VLS missile launcher ,phalanx ,etc.

Set DDH283A 24 o/b detail views, good. Int. hanger, helo, RAST system . Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDH283B 24 o/b details, VLS, sonar well (good) T. Tubes etc. Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDH283C 6 views, stern, towed array Q8 $ 3.00

Set DDH283D 24 o/b details, bridge, radar, mast, 76mm gun, VLS Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDH283E 24 details, radar, masts, chaff launcher, ECM pod Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDH283F 24 views from opposite pier, nice, 21 details, 3 overall, useful views of this ship Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDH283G 24 views, from pier, 2 overall, 22 details, stern, upperworks, bow, masts, etc. Q8 $ 18.00

The following views were taken 10/96 at San Francisco, CA

Set DDH283H 5 views, from Golden Gate Bridge as ship passes under, details mosaic along port side Q9 $ 3.75

Set DDH283I 14 views, on board details, interior bridge, interior hanger, mast, radar, VLS from bridge window. Q9 $ 10.50

Photographed 10.2005 at San Francisco, CA

Set DDH283J 20 views, from Golden Gate Bridged, 1 overall, 3/4 stbd stern, 19 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd. side as ship passes under.    Q9      $ 15.00

Photographed 10.2007at San Francisco, CA

seaphoto digital This is a digital set, so if you choose digital delivery you can zoom in on the details. 

Set DDH283K 23 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall, 22 details, mosaic bow to stern on port side as ship goes under, slight stern aspect. Q9 $ 17.25


Halifax (FFH-330) Class

Also known as City Class Frigates

HMCS Vancouver FFH-331

18 views, on overall 3/4 stbd. stern oa, 17 details mosaic bow to stern along stbd. side     Q9       $ 13.50

HMCS Regina FFH-334

Taken in San Francisco, CA 2/95

FFH334A 24 views, onboard, details of fosc'l, anchor gear, forward gun, superstructure, harpoon launcher. Q9 $ 18.00

FFH334B 4 views, helo deck, helo hanger, interior hanger, showing helicopter Q9 $ 3.00

FFH334C 11 views, from pier, details of hull, superstructure, bridge, mast Q9 $ 8.25

FFH334D 24 views, onboard details, fosc'l, main gun, superstructure, bridge wings. Q9 $ 18.00

FFh334E 24 views, onboard details, amidships, aft details, interior helo hanger, helo deck Q9 $ 18.00

FFH334F 24 views, onboard details, interior bridge, upper deck details, nice! Q9 $ 18.00

FFH334G 5 views, onboard details, helo hanger entrance Q9 $ 3.75

FFH334H 39 views, onboard details and some looking up from pier, all around ship,, bridge area, etc. Q9 $ 27.00

HMCS Calgary FFH-335 Photographed at San Francisco, CA 10/05

FFH335A 19 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, stbd stern, 18 details, mosaic bow to stern Q9 $ 14.25

seaphoto digital Photographed at San Francsico, October 2015   These are digital photos that can be delivered over the internet, so you can zoom in and see the high level of details.

FFH335B  21 views, from the Golden Gate Bridge, vessel is heading toward the POV, almost overhead.  Excellent details.   Q9  $ 18.75


FFH335C 37 views, from the Golden Gate Bridge, vessel is heading away from POV, overhead and then starboard side, again, one overall, the rest details bow to stern.  Q9  $ 27.75


FFH335D 21  views, taken a few moments after FFH335C, vessel has turned revealing more starboard side aspect.   Q9  $ 18.75


Annapolis Class DDE-265

HMCS Annapolis DDE-265

Views taken 10/95 during San Francisco's annual Fleet Week celebration.

Set DDE265A 4 views, covers DDE265, going under the Golden Gate Bridge Q8 $ 3.00

Set DDE265B 1 view, port bow overall from Golden Gate bridge, nice view of ship underway Q8 $ .75

Set DDE265C 4 views, taken from boat of docked ship. overalls, port and port bow angles, nice views Q9 $ 3.00

Set DDE265D 10 views, taken from boat, one overall from stern, 9 good details along port side of ship. Q9 $ 7.50

Set DDE265E 1 stern stbd. overall from Golden Gate bridge, different angle than set F265B Q8 $ .75

Set DDE265F 8 views, 1 starboard stern overall, mosaic of 7 views along starboard side, bow to stern, very nice. Q9 $ 6.00

Set DDE265G 9 views, 1 bow port overall, 8 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes, nice set Q9 $ 6.75

Mackenzie Class

Built during the early 60's, now decommissioned.

HMCS Yukon DDE-263

Photographed 6/93 at San Diego.

Set DDE263A 26 views, exterior details from tour boat upper level, very nice details. Q8 $ 19.50

Set DDE263B 20 views, exterior details from tour boat upper level, very nice. Q8 $ 15.00

Restigouche Class ASW Frigates

Optimized for ASW work, with Variable depth sonar and ASROC. Now retired from service.

HMCS Restigouche DDE-257

Photographed 10/93 in San Francisco, CA

Set DDE257A 20 detail views taken from adjoining vessel. Set also includes some views of DDE-258, possibly 265. Q8 $ 15.00

Set DDE257B 12 details, as above. Q8 $ 9.75

Flower Class Corvette

Perfect for use with the Matchbox 1/72 scale model kit!

HMCS Sackville K-181

Photographed by Ken Grohmann, Summer 1996, Halifax, Nova Scotia - some very nice views

Set K181A 19 views, 18 good details from dock, port and stbd. side, useful, 1 bow starboard overall. Q9 $14.25

Set K181B 14 views, 6 overall views, bow, bow port and stbd, 8 sectional views along stbd side Q9 $10.50

Set K181C 12 views, details, 4 onboard, skylight, davit, stern area, 8 close ups from dock, upperworks Q9 $ 9.00

Set K181D 5 views, from dock, 3 details along stbd side, 2 views of propeller on display Q9 # 3.75

Set K181E 12 views, fosc'l area, docking gear, wench, main gun, front of bridge Q9 $ 9.00

Set K181F 12 views, 4 interior bridge, 1 view top of bridge, 7 other details, stack, k-gun, 20mm gun Q9 $ 9.00

Set K181G 12 views, some on board, hedgehog, boat storage. From dock: close-ups upperworks detail Q9 $ 9.00

Kingston Class Patrol Ships

HMCS Edmonton MCDV-703

Photographed 10/04 at San Francisco, CA

Set MCDV703A 8 views, one overall, starboard side slight stern angle. 7 details, mosaic bow to stern along starboard side.          Q9       $ 6.00

Photographed 10/06 at San Francisco

Set MCDV703B 8 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa. bow port, 7 details, mosaic bow to stern along port side Q9 $ 6.00

HMCS Saskatoon MCDV-709

Photographed 1998 at San Francisco, CA

Set PS709A 5 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 3 good overalls, 2 details as ship passes under Q9 $ 3.75

Set PS709B 9 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, bow port, 8 details, mosaic along port side as ship passes Q9   $ 6.75

HMCS Brandon MCDV-710

Photographed 3/00 at San Francisco, CA

Set PS710A 6 views, from pier, 2 overall, bow on, 3/4 bow starboard, 4 details, bow, front of bridge, mast Q9 $ 4.50

Set PS710B 6 vies, from slightly elevated viewpoint, 1 o.a. stbd side, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side, some masts in foreground Q8 $ 4.50

Photographed 10/04 at San Francisco, CA

Set MCDV710C 11 views, from the Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall, 3/4 starboard stern, 10 details, mosaic bow to stern along starboard side.    Q9      $  8.25

Provider Class Replenishment Ships

HMCS Provider AOR-508

Set AOR508A 5 views of ship passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. Q9 $ 3.75

HMCS Protecteur AOR-509 Photographed 10/2005 at San Francisco, CA

Set AOR509A 22 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, stbd stern, 21details, mosaic bow to stern Q9 $ 16.50

Heavy Gulf Icebreaker (Type 1300) Louis S. St. Laurent Class

HMCS Louis S. St. Laurent

Photographed 6/94 in San Diego. Impressive in the red hulled livery of the Canadian Coast Guard.

Set LouisA 8 views, 1 stbd bow overall, 7 closer views from pier, nice. Q8 $ 6.00

Set LouisB 16 views, 13/4 stern stbd from tour boat, 15 good details from boat. Q8 $ 12.00

Naval Aviation

CH-124 A Canadian Seaking Helicopter

Photographed in Canada, 8/95, by Ken Grohmann.

Set CH124A 14 views, all around helo, overall views and details, Engine, Tail, Gear, Avionic Bay, Rescue net. Q8 $ 10.50

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