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Arleigh Burke Class  DDG-51 through DDG-78 Flight I Guided Missile Destroyers
Arleigh Burke Class DDG-79 through DDG-112 Flight IIA Guided Missile Destroyers
Kidd Class DDG-993 through DDG-996 Guided Missile Destroyers
Charles F. Adams Class DDG-2 through DDG-24 Guided Missile Destroyers
Coontz Class DDG-37 through DDG-46 Guided Missile Destroyers
Spruance Class DD-963 through DD-992; DD-997 Destroyers
Forrest Sherman Class DD-931 through DD-951 Destroyers
Allen M. Sumner Class DD-692 through DD-709; DD-722 through DD-734; DD-744 through DD-781 + others Destroyers
Gearing Class DD-710 through DD-719, DD-805 through DD-890+ others Destroyers

Fletcher Class DD-445 through DD-451 and many other,Destroyers

Destroyers, Guided Missile

Burke Class (DDG-51)  For Flight IIA, click here

Aegis Guided Missile Destroyers Good looking fighting ships with the ability to fight efficiently in three dimensions, the Burkes will form the backbone of the destroyer force well into the 21st Century. Starting with the Flight IIA (DDG-79 and up) units, they will have the organic helicopter capability they now lack. As you may be able to tell, they are a personal favorite here!

USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51

Taken 9/93 at Norfolk VA - all photos are from the dock for these sets

Set DDG51 A 35 view, from pier, many close-ups using telephoto lens. Useful. Q8 $ 22.25

Set DDG51B 37 views, as above, mostly aft areas.1 frame badly stained, scratches in others, or would be Q8. Still useful, though. Q6 $ 27.75

Set DDG51C 27 views, as above, mostly bow areas and along stbd side, shows good details of under mast area. Q8 $ 20.25

Taken 3/99 at Norfolk VA

Set DDG51D 8 views, from boat, 3 overall, stern on, 3/4 stern stbd, 5 details along starboard side Q8 $ 6.00

USS Barry DDG-52

Taken 6/95 at Norfolk VA by Michael Leonard

Set DDG52A 20 onboard views, general views around ship from main and helo deck, mast, fosc'l, VLS, etc. Q8 $ 15.00

Set DDG52B 14 views, onboard and from pier; hull #, Superstructure details, bridge windows, overall of fosc'l Q8 $ 10.50

USS John Paul Jones DDG-53

This is my favorite ship, not just because of her famous name, or even handsome appearance. Flat out, the most hospitable ship I have ever visited, very helpful, with a proud crew. It has been my privilege to spend a day at sea on her, a memorable experience to say the least! Now, if I can just find the time to finish my model of her…

These photos were taken 6/94 at San Diego, CA - great shots for building a model.

Set DDG 53A 37 views, detailed on board photos, mostly of fosc'l area Q8 $ 27.75

Set DDG53B 25 views, on board details with a few dockside shots thrown in. Q8 $ 18.75

Set DDG53C 24 views, details, upper decks, vents Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDG53D 4 views, hull number, SLQ32 mounting detail, mast detail. Mast silhouetted against the sun. Q7 $ 3.00

Set DDG53E 24 views, helo deck, Harpoon Launcher, aft view of main mast. Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDG 53F 24 views, details around upper decks Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDG53G 24 views, details around fosc'l area Q8 $ 18.00

Set DDG53M 26 views, from elevated vantage point, details of port bow, amidships area - unusual views, useful. San Diego, 3/97. Q9 $ 19.50

Set DDG53N 26 views 2 overall, 24 looking at forward portion of ship from flight deck of CV, views of fosc'l, bridge mast. 3/97 Q9 $ 19.50

Set DDG53O 12 views, shot from top of pilothouse, stack tops, mast base, under mast details, SPG, SATCOM, TACOM, etc. Useful! Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG53P 8 views, onboard, interior engine control room, bushmaster gun, flag box,k SATCOM mount. Q9 $ 6.00

Set DDG53Q 3 views, from pier, bridge front, bridge top, mast. Q9 $ 2.25

Set DDG53R 8 views, from pier, bow, hull number, anchor, nameplank, aft portion of fore SS, stern detail. Q9 $ 6.00

Set DDG53S 14 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall, portion of bridge is visable, 13 details as it passes Q8 $ 10.50

Set DDG53T 18 views, 18 views, looking over from adjacent Cruiser, nice details looking down and over at port side, very useful Q9 $ 13.50

Set DDG53U 23 views, some on board, the rest a continuation of set 53T, covering aft section of ship, useful Q9 $ 17.25

Set DDG53V 25 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, bow on, 24 details mosaic from directly above, bow to stern. Q9 $ 18.75

Taken 10/2004 during San Francisco's Fleet Week

Set DDG53W 20 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, portside slight stern angle, 19 details, mosaic bow to stern along portside Q9 $ 15.00

Set DDG53X 29 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, stbd slight bow angle, 28 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side Q9 $ 21.75

Taken 10/2006 at San Francisco

Set DDG53Y 20 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall, bow on slight port angle, 19 details bow to stern virtually overhead Q9 $ 15.00

Set DDG53Z 15 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, stbd. Side, 14 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd. Side Q9 $ 11.25

USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54

Taken 3-19-94, on her commissioning day. Very complete coverage.

Set DDG54A 37 views on board, many details. Q9 $ 27.75

DDG 54 A

Set DDG54B 37 detail views of superstructure, shot from pier, lots of useful coverage. Q9 $ 27.75

Set DDG54C 25 detail views of superstructure, from pier, different views than set 54b Q8 $ 18.75

Set DDG54D 19 views, 18 details shot from pier, 1 overall view, extreme bow angle Q8 $ 14.25

Set DDG54E 24 detail views from dock Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG54F 24 on board details, nice, useful Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG54G 22 views, 3 int. bridge, 19 details, mostly from pier, including several views of commissioning ceremony. Q8 $ 16.50

Set DDG54H 25 views, on board details, nice Q9 $ 18.75

Set DDG54I 3 views, overalls, very nice portraits, 3/4 bow stbd, starboard Q9 $ 2.25

Set DDG54I 3 views, overalls, very nice portraits, 3/4 bow stbd, starboard Q9 $ 2.25

USS John S. McCain DDG-56

Taken at San Francisco, CA 3/97

Set DDG56A 23 Views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 OA Bow on, 21 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passed. Nice. Q9 $ 17.25

Set DDG56B 35 views, on board details, fosc'l area to amidships along main deck - very nice Q9 $ 26.25

Set DDG56C 24 views, on board, amidships to stern, MK 32 Torpedo tubes, deckhouse details, placards, lots of details! Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG56D 2 views, from boat, overall portraits, nice port bow, stern port Q9 $ 1.50

USS Laboon DDG-58

Set DDG58A 2 views, from shore, ship is transiting Suez Canal. Dark, but interesting views. Q8 $ 1.50

USS Russel DDG-59

Taken 6/95 at San Diego, California

Set DDG59A 12 views, taken across pier locking down from another vessel, mast, forward superstructure Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG59B 10 views, 1 overall bow from pier, 9 taken as above, details from Fosc'l to bridge, very useful Q9 $ 7.50

Set DDG59C 10 views, onboard, helo deck, interior and exterior of bridge. Q9 $ 7.50

Set DDG59D 12 views, o/b. views taken of/from the bridge area, includes TACAN, Mast, door, windows, grates Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG59E 9 views, o/b, aft section of ship, RIB boat, Harpoon racks, aft VLS Q9 $ 6.75

Set DDG59F 11 views, o/b & from pier, superstructure, RIB, boat crane, mast. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DDG59G 15 views, from ship as set A and B above, mast, illuminator, bridge area. V. Good details Q9 $11.25

Set DDG59H 12 views, o/b, fosc'l, flag bags, fwd. Superstructure, vent, SRBOC, VLS, mast, front of SS Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG59 I 12 views, o/b, fosc'l details, anchor bolster and gear, 5" gun, VLS, aft area of forward SS Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG59 J 17 views, from opposite ship as A,B,G; amidships to stern, stern area distant; Q8 $12.75

Taken 8/2005 at San Francisco

Set DDG59K 21 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 OA,3/4 port bow, 20 details, mosaic bow to stern along port side Q9 $ 15.75

Click to see a larger version

USS Paul Hamilton DDG-60

Photographed at Charleston, South Carolina 5-30-94

Set DDG60A 15 views, from boat, 2 oa bow port, 13 details along port side bow to stern. General set. Q9 $ 11.25

Set DDG60B 16 onboard views, fosc'l area, 5" gun, VLS, VLS reload crane, bridge area, mast base. Q9 $ 12.00

Set DDG60C 16 o/b views, mid ship, UNREP gear, stack, VLS, boat crane, SS, helo pad. Q9 $ 12.00

USS Ramage DDG-61

Photographed in 1996 by Duane Curtis

Set DDG61A 25 views, most onboard details, stern, chaff launchers area around bridge, RIB, crane, mast Q9 $ 18.75

Set DDG61B 36 views, most onboard details, focs'l, mast, midship details, helo deck, a lot of main deck details Q9 $ 27.00

USS Fitzgerald DDG-62

Photographed at San Francisco, CA 10/99

Set DDG62A 19 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 oa, 3/4 stbd bow. 17 details along stbd. side as ship passes. Q9 $ 14.75

Set DDG62B 4 views, onboard details,. 4 views of empty Harpoon Missile Rack (Hey, sratchbuilders like this kind of thing…!) Q9 $ 3.00

Set DDG62C 7 views, onboard details, looking at base details on the front of the bridge Q9 $ 5.25

Set DDG62D 12 details, shot across pier from elevated viewpoint, approx. bridge height, views of bridge, upperworks, mast, useful Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG62E 12 details, shot with telephoto from across pier, nice shots of bridge top, CIWS, mast bottom, stack top. Q9 $ 9.00

USS Stetham DDG-63

Photographed at San Francisco, CA 10-12-96 during Fleet Week

Set DDG63A 9 views, from Golden Gate Bridge,1 OA stbd stern, 8 along stbd side as ship passes away from camera. Photos by Lee Upshaw. Q8 $ 6.75

Set DDG 63B 21 views, as above, 1 overall OA stbd bow, very nice, 20 details, mosaic along stbd side. Ship is heading toward camera Q9 $15.75

Set DDG63C 2 views, as above, heading toward camera, both are nice bow starboard portrait, very nice views, slightly different angle than set 63B Q9 $ 1.50

The following views were taken on the Stetham's commissioning day at the Seabee base, Port Huneme, CA.

Set DDG63D 18 views, on board details, 5" gun, bridge front, views from bridge area, mast, superstructure. Q9 $ 13.50

Set DDG63E 17 views, 12 o/b details of fosc'l, anchor gear, gun, 5 from pier, 1 bow stbd overall, 4 details, hull, superstructure. Q9 $ 12.75

Set DDG63F 24 views, O/B details, aft of bridge through amidships area. RIB boat and crane, UNREP gear, SS details, etc. Useful. Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG63G 24 views, O/B details, amidships through aft missile deck, Harpoon rack, Mk 32 Torpedo tubes, SS details, Useful Q9 $ 18.00

Photographed at San Diego, 4/02

Set DDG 63 H 14 views, from shore, 3 overall views, 3/4 stbd bow, stern, 11 details, very nice mosaic as ship passes, a great overall set Q9 $ 10.50

Photographed at San Diego 10/02

Set DDG63 I 14 views, from harbor tour boat, good details of aft portion of ss, mast, stern Q9 $ 10.50

USS Carney DDG-64

Photographed in 2001 by Duane Curtis

Set DDG64 A 27 views, on board details, focs'l. ground tackle, superstucture, main gun, mast.  Late in the day, some photos a bit backlit  Q8 $ 20.25

Set DDG64 B 23 views, continues above tour aft, superstructure, hanger deck, boat gear, late afternoon lighting gives a golden cast to most shots.  Q8 $ 17.25

USS Benfold DDG-65


Set DDG65A 12 views, from elevated viewpoint, starboard side, mast superstructure details, very useful. San Diego, 3/97. Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG65B 9 views, from bridge of another ship, views of forward superstructure, bridge, aft superstructure, more general views. Q9 $ 6.75

The following views were during the day of the Benfold's commissioning, in June of 1996.

Set DDG65C 5 views, from pier, 1 overall, 4 details of aft superstructure. Q9 $ 3.75

Set DDG65D 31 views, onboard, nice details, helo deck, aft Missile deck, amidships, 5" gun, CIWS foundation under bridge. Q9 $ 23.25

Set DDG65E 12 views, on board, nice views of anchor gear, mast, TACAN, CIWS Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG65G 11 views, on board, from helo deck, helo deck details, aft superstructure, aft mast. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DDG65H 3 views, from shore, nice portraits of ship, bow on, bow stbd - ship is "dressed" for commissioning. Q9 $ 2.25

Set DDG65I 33 views, onboard, nice views around helo deck, aft VLS deck, amidships, RIB boat and crane. Q9 $ 24.75

Set DDG65J 12 views, onboard details, 10 around fosc'l anchor handling gear, 2 views of mast, bridge front. Q9 $ 9.00

Set DDG65K 22 views, onboard, from main deck, bridge front, CIWS foundation, aft of mast, amidships, UNREP gear, front of RIB. Q9 $ 16.50

Set DDG65L 2 views, from elevated position on pier, portraits taken at night. Interesting lighting. Q9 $ 1.50

Set DDG65M 21 views, from elevated spot on pier, great details of mast, bridge , front SS, etc. Very useful! Q9 $ 15.75

Set DDG65N 10 views, from shore, 1 bow stbd overall, 9 details from same vantage point, bridge front, mast, etc. Q9 $ 7.50

The set below was taken by Dave Manley, 10/98 at San Francisco

Set DDG65P 13 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 3 nice overall, 3/4 stbd bow, 10 details, good views of VLS and general arrang. Q8 $ 9.75

Taken 6/00 at San Diego, California

Set DDG65Q 12 views, from shore, 1 stbd. Side overall, 11 good details,bow to stern as ship passes. Q9 $ 9.00

USS Milius DDG-69

Photographed at San Francisco, CA 5-97

Set DDG69A 21 Views, from Golden Gate Bridge, one overall bow port, 20 views, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes underneath. An Invaluable set for modeling the Arleigh Burke class. Q9 $ 15.75

Set DDG69b 11 views, close up of fosc'l details, measuring tape in most shots to scale fittings. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DDG69C 17 views, details of upperworks along port side, especially SLQ-32 Q9 $ 12.75

Set DDG69D 25 views, O/B, all around main deck, measuring stick visible in many photos to scale fittings. Q9 $ 18.75

Set DDG69E 22 views, O/B, fosc'l fittings, hatch, anchor bolster, anchor chain, some helo deck details. Q9 $ 16.50

Set DDG69F 24 views, extreme close up of selected fosc'l fittings, bridge wings, measuring tape in many. Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG69G 21 views, on board, as above with measuring tape, Ext. Bridge, vents, mast base, chaff launcher. Q9 $15.75

Set DDG69H 7 views, from boat, ship is in drydock, shots of bow sonar and hull Date not known Q9 $ 5.25

USS Hopper DDG-70

Photographed at San Francisco, CA when she was commissioned, September 1997

Set DDG70A 12 views, one overall from Golden Gate Bridge, 11 details, mosaic passing under. A gray day, but good details. Q8 $ 9.00

DDG 70 A

Set DDG70B 18 views, as above, but sunny day, 2 good OA, 16 exceptional details - a very nice overhead set; highly recommended. Q9 $ 13.50

ddg 70b

Set DDG70C 1 view, portrait, bow starboard as ship approaches pier, taken from shore. Q9 $ .75

ddg 70c

Photographed at San Francisco, CA  10/03 during Fleet Week

Set DDG70D 21 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall starboard side, 20 views, mosaic along stbd. side as ship passes under Q9 $ 16.50

Set DDG70E 19 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall bow on, 18 details, mosaic bow to stern from directly above.. Q9 $ 14.25

Set DDG70F 16 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall stbd side, 15 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side Q9 $ 12.00

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Flight II Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers - few external differences compared to the Flight I's, but with upgraded capabilities

USS Higgins DDG-76 Photographed at San Diego, CA 6/00

Set DDG76A 21 views, from shore, 2 oa, stbd. Side, 19 views, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes - nice details Q9 $ 15.75

Set DDG67B 22 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, bow on, 21 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship goes directly underneath Q9 $ 16.50

Set DDG76C 7 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, starboard side, 5 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side. Q9 $ 5.25

Flight IIA Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers -

These variant of the Burke class, beginning with the USS Oscar Austin (DDG-79) now have helicopter hangers and other modifications.

USS Lassen DDG-82 Photographed at San Diego, 4/02

Set DDG82A 16views, from pier, one overall bow, 15 details, SLQ 32, mast , anchor, forward SS, stack , Mk 32 TT. Q9 $ 12.00

Set DDG82B 16 views, onboard details, bridge front, MK 45 Mod 4 gun mountCIWS, fosc'l gear, 2 views of mast Q9 $ 12.00

Set DDG82C 24 views, onboard details, focs'l, gun, bridge front, UNREP station, RIB, TorpTubes, aft stack, mast Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG82D 24 views, o/b details, midships details, aft directors, hanger roof, RIB, hanger deck, hanger doors, CIWS Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG 82E 24 views, 13 o/b details, hanger area, MK 32 TT, aft stack, 11 views from gangway and dock, aft areas Q9 $ 18.00

Photographed just before her commissioning at Tampa Florida by Duane Curtis in April, 2001

Set DDG82F 26 views, on board details, bridge area, focs'l, main gun, forward and aft VLS, ground tackle,  Q9 $ 19.50

Set DDG82 G 26 views, on board details, continuing above tour aft to helo deck, mast, hanger details, interior hanger, CIWS, helo deck, SH-60B Helicopter. Q9 $ 19.50

USS Howard DDG-83

These shots were taken October 2002 at San Francisco's Fleet Week

From set DDG 83A

Set DDG83A 20 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1overall bow on, 19 details, mosaic bow to stern looking straight down on ship as she passes under, a great set . Q9 $ 15.00

Set DDG83B 21 views, onboard details, T.Tubes, Illuminators, helo deck, VLS, CIWS, RIB, stack, SPY array Q9 $ 15.75

Set DDG83C 24 views, onboard details, Focs'l, bridge front, Gun, forward VLS, Mast, Superstructure Q9 $ 18.00

Set DDG83D 20 views, onboard details, and from pier, stern, mast, helo hanger doors, aft SS, forward SS, gun, VLS Q9 $ 15.00

USS McCampbell DDG-85

From set DDG 85A

These shots were taken in August 2002 during her commissioning week in San Francisco.

Set DDG85A 29 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, 3/4 stern stbd, 28 details, bow to stern along stbd side as ship goes under.  Q9  $ 21.75

Set DDG85B 18 views, from pier, superstructure, mast, helo hanger doors SLQ-32, torpedo tubes, bow Q9 $ 13.50

USS Stroup DDG-86

seaphoto digital These digital  photos were taken in October 2007 at San Francisco, CA.   If you choose digital delivery you can really zoom in on the details.

Set DDG86A  34 views, one overall, 33 details, mosaic along port side. Great details.  Q9  $ 25.50


Set DDG86B  16 views, from pier, hull details and general views.  Q9  $ 12.00


Set DDG86C  15 views of mast and upperworks  Q9  $ 11.25


Set DDG86D  14 views, power board, life ring, details along starboard side headed toward bow.   Q9 $ 10.50


Set DDG86E 19 views, forward superstructure taken from focs'l.  Backlit, but good details.  Q8  $ $ 14.25


Set DDG86F  29 views of ground tackle on focs'l.  Q9  $ 21.75


Set DDG86G  15 views of main gun.  Q9 $ 11.25


Set DDG86H 5 views of forward VLS.  Q9  $ 3.75


Set DDG86J  24 views, aft of bridge and from bridge area  Q9  $ 18.00


Set DDG86K 24 views, from bridge and aft showing good details of bridge and oth

er areas of ship.   Q9  $ 18.00


Set DDG86L  20 views, from aft missile deck, CIWS, landing equipment, ship's boat   Q9  $ 15.00


Set DDG86M  12 views look at mast from aft.   Great details of the mast.   Q9  $ 9.00


Set DDG86N 14 views, aft section of superstructure, life rafts, aft VLS, missile director  Q9  $ 10.50


Set DDG86O  17 views, aft superstructure, refueling equipment, helo nets, forward superstructure  Q9  $  $ 12.75

USS Preble DDG-88

Taken at San Diego, CA 12/05

Set DDG88A 23 views, from shore, 3 overall, stbd side bow and stern, 20 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side, nice details Q9 $ 17.25

seaphoto digital Taken October 2012 at San Francsico, the following sets are digital photos that can be delivered in electronic form so you can zoom in and see the details.

Set DDG88B  28 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, one overall, 27 details, bow to stern along port side,  Great details.  Q9  $ 21.00


Set DDG88C 27 views, from shore, details along port side.  Q9  $ 20.25


Set DDG88D 12 views, from shore, masts, Bushmaster, director.  Q9  $ 9.00


Set DDG88E  23 views, onboard details, ground tackle, main gun, forward superstructure, aft superstructure  Q9  $ 17.25


Set DDG88F 24 views, mix of onboard and from shore, aft superstructure, mast, forward superstructure.  Q9  $ 18.00


USS Chafee DDG-90

Taken at San Francisco, CA  10/06

Set DDG90A 11 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa. Stbd side, slight stern angle, 10 details, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DDG90B 17 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1oa, bow port, 16 details, mosaic bow to stern along port side Q9 $ 12.75

USS Pinkney DDG-91

Set DDG91A 30 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, one overall, 29 details, mosaic bow to stern along port side. Q9 $ 22.50

Click to see larger version

Set DDG91B 18 views, onboard details, main gun, VLS system, fosc'l details, SRBOC, front of bridge Q9 $ 13.50

Set DDG 91C 18 views, onboard details, Nulka launcher, hangerinterior,Mast, 4 shots of stbd superstructure` Q9 $ 13.50

Set DDG91D 24 views, onboard details, stack, bridge front, mast, ECM, UNREP gear, RIB Q9 $ 18.00

seaphoto digital Photographed at San Francisco, CA  October 2010 during Fleet Week  These are digital photos, so if you choose electronic delivery you can zoom in on the details.

Set DDG91 E 26 views, overhead details, mosaic bow to stern plus two overall shots.  Q9  $ 19.50

Set DDG91F 30 views, overhead details, mosaic bow to stern along starboard side plus one overall $ 22.50

Set DDG91G 23 views, taken from another ship tied up alongside, views of bridge, stacks, boats, liferafts - intersting angle. $ 17.25

Set DDG91H 22 views, on board details, hanger deck, hanger interior, mast, boat storage, midships area. Q9 $ 16.50

Set DDG91 I 23 views, on board details, focs'l, main gun, forward VLS, front of superstructure. Q9  $ 17.25

Set DDG91 J 23 views, on board details, bridge area, mast, LRAD acoustic weapon, Bushmaster.  Q9  $ 17.25

Set DDG91K 17 views, on board details, views of the new Busmaster Mk 25 Mod 2 remotely operated cannon. $ 12.75

USS Momsen DDG-92

Photographed October 2004 during San Francisco Fleet Week.

Set DDG92A 20 views, from the Golden Gate Bridge, 1 oa, stbd stern, 19 views, mosaic bow to stern along stbd. side. Nice. $ 15.00

USS Stockdale DDG-106

seaphoto digital - these digitial photos can be delivered via the Internet so you can zoom in on the details

Set DDG106A - 18 views, from shore, mosaic bow to stern with 2 overall.     Q8  $ 13.50


seaphoto digital Photographed October 2015 at San Francsico, these are both available as full resolution digital sets for great detail.

Set DDG106B  - 20 photos, taken from the Golden Gate Bridge, very crisp detail One overall, 19 views, mosaic bow to stern.  Q9  $ 15.00


Set DDG106 C - 35 photos, from Golden Gate Bridge, mosiac along port side as well as another series from aft, great crisp details bow to stern.  Highly recommended for digital delivery.  Q9  $ 26.25


USS Spruance DDG-111 

seaphoto digital Digital photos ideal for zooming.  Taken October 2012 at San Francisco.

Set DDG111a - 39 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, mosaic along port side, great details, plus one overall view.   Q9  $ 29.25

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Kidd Class

This class of guided missile destroyer came into US service by happenstance - they were being built for the Shah of Iran when he was overthrown, and subsequently were purchased by the Navy. Very capable ships, but have been laid up for sale at this time.

USS Kidd DDG-993

Photographed by Duane Curtis in 1996

Set DDG993A 25 views, on board details, CIWS, S:LQ-32, mast, Harpoons, vents, superstructure.  Q9 $ 18.75

SetDDG993B 25 views, on board details focs'l, superstructure, helo deck.  Q9  $ 18.75

USS Chandler DDG-996

Set DDG996A 3 views of bow, ship is in San Diego Drydock Q7 $ 2.25


Set DDG996B 27 views, 26 from G. Gate Bridge - 2 nice overall, 24 details, mosaic from bow to stern as ship passes. Very useful. Q9 $ 20.25

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Charles F. Adams Class

Good looking ships that formed the backbone of the guided missile destroyers for many years. They were a derivative of the Forest Sherman class destroyer. Near sisters operate in the Australian and German Navies. They have all been decommissioned from the US Navy, with several scrapped or turned into mobile power plants.

USS Henry B. Wilson DDG-7

Photographed August 2003 as she was being towed out of the Suisun Bay reserve fleet. NOTE: She has been stripped to the main deck with only her smoke stacks remaining above deck

Set DDG7A 20 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, one overall bow stbd, 19 details, mosaic bow to stern as hulk passes under. Q9 $ 15.00

USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8

Sets taken in the late 1980's in San Francisco, during various Fleet Weeks. These sets are Q7 mostly for exposure problems, they tend to be a bit too dark, or too light - this was before I got a really nice, idiot proof camera. They are useful for modeling or research purposes, but not real pretty.

Set DDG8A 38 views, on board details, main deck, upper level weapons, radar's and other details. Useful Q7 $ 28.50

Set DDG8B 3 views, 2 bow exterior, 1 view of bridge area from deck Q7 $ 2.25

Set DDG8C 21 views from dock, details. Q7 $ 15.75

Set DDG8D 8 views, looking down at ship from flight deck of adjacent aircraft carrier. Q7 $ 6.00

Set DDG8E 7 views, details Q7 $ 6.75

Set DDG8F 9 views, 2 bow, 1 mast, 6 shots looking down from adjacent carrier Q7 $ 6.75

Set DDG8G 16 views, on board, various details Q7 $ 12.00

Set DDG8H 20 views, 14 details, 6 shots of bow from dock Q7 $ 15.00

Set DDG6J 6 views, 2 details, 2 views of masts, 1 bow stbd overall from dock, 1 close-up, bow. Q7 $ 4.50

Set DDG8K 7 views, 6 details, 1 bow overall Q7 $ 5.25

USS Towers DDG-9

Photographed 8/02 at Mare Island where she is being prepared for a SINKEX. She is still mostly complete at this point.

Set DDG9A 12 views, from shore, 1 overall portside, 11 details along portside, bow to stern ` Q9 $ 9.00

USS Robinson DDG-12

This ship has been demilitarized, with gun barrel cut, missile launcher arms cut, etc. Shot at San Francisco prior to scrapping.

Set DDG12A 14 views, from shore, overall and detail shots of ship from an aft viewpoint, nice clear details of directors, gun , launcher. Q9 $ 10.50

USS Buchanan DDG-14

Set DDG14A 1 views, bow overall, tied to pier Q7 $ .75

Set DDG14B 32 views, 6 ext. views of bow and stern, 4 looking down at amidships area from another ship, 4 from pier, 18 details. Q7 $ 28.50

Set DDG14C 7 views, one OA bow stbd, looking down on ship from CV FD, details from same spot, details from pier, overexposed. Q7 $ 5.25

Set DDG14D 5 views looking down at forward portion of ship, as above Q7 $ 3.75

Set DDG14E 14 views, 10 on board details, 4 taken from pier, overexposed. Q7 $ 10.50

USS Berkeley DDG-15

Another extremely hospitable ship - I have very fond memories of my visits to her.

Set DDG15A 15 views, exterior details - some nice, useful information here Q7 $ 11.25

Set DDG15B 31 on board details, taken at San Francisco, 10.89 Q7 $ 23.25

Set DDG15C 11 views, on board details, as above. Q7 $ 8.25

Set DDG15D 13 views, on board details, masts, illuminators, missile launcher, also 3 underway views. Q7 $ 9.75

Set DDG15E 17 views, details taken from pier along stbd side. Q7 $ 12.75

Set DDG15F 6 views, punderway bow starboard. Q7 $ 4.50

Set DDG15G 7 views, underway, 5 port side, 2 close-ups Q7 $ 5.25

Set DDG 15 H20 views, from another ship and pier, good general views of superstructure,focs'l, mast, weapons, director.  Q8  $ 15.00

Set DDG15I 16 views, from pier and onboard, fosc'l details, gun, missile launcher,2 overall views Q8 $ 11.25 

USS Waddell DDG-24

Set DDG24A 1 portside overall views, ship is anchored in SF Bay. Dark and blurry, but all I have! Q6 $ .75

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Coontz Class

Large Guided Missile Destroyers, originally designated DLG before 1975. They left the fleet in the early 1990's

USS King DDG-41

Photographed 11-30-90 in European waters.

Set DDG41A 2 views, one from elevated shore position, one from boat, both starboard side portraits, a bit dark, but nice, Q8 $ 1.50

Set DDG41B 6 views, from boat as ship passes, 4 overall views, 2 amidships details. Q8 $ 4.50

USS Mahan DDG-42

Photographed in European waters 1989

Set DDG42 A 3 views, overalls, bow stbd, stbd bow, stbd stern. These views a bit dark and brownish, but dramatic. Q8 $ 2.25

DDG 42 A

Set DDG42B 1 view, nice bow port overall from boat. Taken 12/89 Q9 $ .75

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