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Perry Class (FFG-7) Guided Missile Frigates

Just a few years back this was one of the most numerous classes of US Naval ships, now many have been retired, or stripped of their missile launchers and used for anti drug patrols.

USS McInerney FFG-8

Photographed by Duane Curtis in Tampa, FL  2000

Set FFG8A 36 views, onboard details, bow, missilelauncher, mast, superstructure, weapons etc.  Good general set   Q9    $ 27.00

USS Wadsworth FFG-9

Taken 12/00 at San Francisco, CA

Set FFG9A 22 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall, bow on, 21 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes underneath Q9 $ 16.50

USS Duncan FFG-10

Taken in the late 1980's at San Francisco, CA

Set FFG10A 3 views, 2 similar overall port side, one detail of bow, blurry shots Q7 2.25

USS Clark FFG-11

Photographed in Dan Helder, Netherlands by Michael Winter

Set FFG11A 7 views, onboard details, STIR director, Mk 32 torpedo tubes, mat, RIB. Q9 $ 5.25

Set FFG11B 7 views, 5 underway views from various angles, dark, 1 view Mk 13 launcher, 1 view mast. Q7 $ 5.25

USS George Phillip FFG-12

Set FFG12E 35 Views, mast, bridge front, fosc'l, radar, STIR director, upperworks, nice views Q8 $ 26.25

Photographed 1994 by Lee Upshaw

Set FFG12F 5 views, looking down from adjacent ship, mosaic bow to midships. Q8   $ 3.75

USS Estocin FFG-15

Photographed July, 1994 at Buffalo, NY during her Great Lakes tour.

Set FFG15A 16 views, 11 on board, stack, hanger details, CIWS 20mm gun; 5 overall views, these a bit dark. Q7 $ 12.00

Set FFG15B 24 views, 5 on board, Mk 13 missile launcher, 19 views from dock, good details. Q8 $ 18.00

Set FFG15C 25 good on board details, masts, STIR director, stack, 76mm gun Q9 $ 18.75

USS Jack Williams FFG-24

Set FFG24A 1 view, from boat, dramatic ¾ bow port overall. 2/95 Q9 $ .75

USS Copeland FFG-25

Views taken 10-94 San Francisco, CA

Set FFG25A 14 o/b details, fosc'l, Mk 13 launcher, bridge, radar Q9 $ 10.50

Set FFG25B 24 o/b details, upper deck, gun STIR director, stack, masts ( includes some views of FFG-51) Q9 $ 18.00

Set FFG25C 24 details, bridge, director, mast, etc. Q9 $ 18.00

Set FFG25D 11 details, flight deck, phalanx (nice views) hanger doors Q9 $ 8.25

Set FFG25E 10 views, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, nice Q8 $ 7.50

USS Mahlon S. Tisdale FFG-27

Set FFG27A 13 views from boat, detailed ¾ port bow to ¾ stbd bow; ship is tied up. San Diego, 3/94 Q8 $ 9.75

Set FFG27B 8 views taken from boat of underway ship San Diego, CA. 1995 Q8 $ 6.00

Set FFG27D 11 views taken from G. Gate Bridge, 10/95 of ship directly under. 3 oa, 8 details, interesting set. Q8 $ 8.25

Set FFG27E 9 views, onboard details, interior bridge, exterior bridge. SLQ-32, Fosc'l from bridge. SF, 10/95 Q8 $ 6.75

Set FFG27F 11 Views, onboard Mk 13 missile launcher. Passageway to fosc'l, fosc'l, front of bridge SF, 10/95 Q8 $ 8.25

Set FFG27G 24 onboard views, upper deck, 76mm gun, stack, mast, STIR director, liferafts, SF, 10/95 Q8 $ 18.00

USS Reid FFG-30

Set FFG30G 2 views, overall, ship is underway, ¾ bow port, ¾ stern port stern. Q8 $ 1.50

USS Stark FFG-31

Set FFG31A 10 views from shore, 8 overalls, various angles, 2 details, amidships and MK 13, nice Q9 $ 7.50

USS Jarrett FFG-33

Photographed at San Diego, CA 6/97

Set FFG33A 10 views, looking across from another ship, nice views of SPS-49, STIR director, Mast, upperworks, very useful views. Q8 $ 7.50

Set FFG33B 14 Views, as above, forward areas bow, mast etc. Q8 $ 10.50

Photographed at Alameda, CA October, 1999

Set FFG33C 20 views, shot from adjacent cruiser, nice views looking down on bridge, stack, gun, masts, upperworks - excellent shots Q9 $ 15.00

Set FFG33D 18 views, from Golden Gate Bridge , 3 good overall, 15 details, mosaic along starboard side bow to stern Q9 $ 13.75

Set FFG33E 5 views, from a viewpoint high on adjacent ship, looking down at deck, missile launcher, bridge area Q9 $ 3.75

Taken 10/2004 at San Francisco. Ship no longer has the Mk 13 guided missile launcher

Set FFG33F 14 views, from GG Bridge, 1 oa, stbd side, slight stern angle, 13 details mosaic bow to stern as ship passes by Q9 $ 10.50

Set FFG33G 19 views, from GG Bridge, 1 oa, 3/4 bow port, 18 details, mosaic from bow to stern as ship passes Q9 $ 14.75

USS Underwood FFG-36

Set FFG36A 1 view3/4 port bow overall, very nice portrait from boat Q9 $ .75

USS Curts FFG-38

Sydney, Australia 3/97

Set FFG38A 1 view1, from shore, starboard side overall Q9 $ .75

Taken 12/05 at San Diego, she has had her forward missile launcher removed at this point

Set FFG38B 13 views, from shore, one overall, 3/4 stbd. stern, 12 details, mosaic bow to stern along starboard side, great details Q9 $ 9.75

Photographed October, 2010 at San Francisco

Set FFG38C  13 views, one overall 3/4 port bow, 12 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes.  Q9  $ 9.75

Set FFG38D 25 views, one overall 3/4 stern starboard, 24 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes under. Q9  $ 18.75

Set FFG38E 21 views, shot from the USS Pickney looking down on the Curts.  Focs'l area, bridge area, Squadron emblem, mast, SLQ-32.  Q9  $ 15.75

Set FFG38F 24 views, Focs'l, ground tackle, foundation for former missile launcher, upper deck to stack, CIWS  Q9 $ 18.00

Set FFG38G 27 views, upperdeck from stack aft - CIWS, hanger doors, stack, main gun. Q9  $ 20.25

USS Halyburton FFG-40

Taken 5/95 in European waters.

Set FFG40A 5 views, from boat, 4 overalls, 3 ¾ bow port, 1 ¾ stern port, 1 detail of helicopter on helo deck. Q8 $ 3.75

USS McClusky FFG-41

Photographed 4/01 at San Francisco - gray day, not pretty, but good for details!

Set FFG41 A 17 views, from pier, 3 overall ¾ bow stbd, stbd bow, 14 details mostly of mast and bridge area Q8 $ 12.75

Set FFG41 B 11 views, from pier, continues set FFG41A to stern, details superstructure, STIR, mast, etc. Q8 $ 8.25

Set FFG41 C 10 views, onboard, upper deck details, STIR, aft mast, CIWS, stack, 76mm gun, helo deck Q8 $ 7.50

Set FFG41 D 35 views, onboard, fosc'l details, bushmaster, RIB details, missile launcher, hanger doors, upperdeck Q8 $ 26.25

Set FFG41E 19 Views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall bow on, slight port angle, 18 details, mosaic bow to stern from above Q9 $ 14.25

Photographed 2/02 at San Francisco, nice sunny day

Set FFG41F 23 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 overall, ¾ bow port, 21 details, mosaic bow to stern - Nice! Q9 $ 17.25

Photographed 4/02 at San Diego

Set FFG41G 12 views, from shore, 1 oa, stbd side, slight bow angle, 11 views, mosaic bow to stern along stbd side, useful Q9 $ 9.00

Please note that all SeaPhoto photographs are full color; the sample images are in black and white to speed loading and conserve server space.

USS Thatch FFG-43

Photographed 10/00 in San Francisco

Set FFG43A 20 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 3/4 stern starboard o.a., 19 details, 18 mosaic bow to stern from above, 1 of stern Q9 $ 15.00

Set FFG432B 12 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 bow on overall, 11 details, mosaic bow to stern directly overhead

Photographed at San Diego, CA 6/00

Set FFG43C 15 views, from shore, 1 /34 stbd bow oa. 1 3/4 stbd stern oa, 12 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes. Q9 $ 11.25

USS Rentz FFG-46

Photographed at San Francisco, CA 10/96

Set FFG46C 5 views, looking across from another ship at SLQ32(v3.1), front of bridge, Mk13 missile launcher Q9 $ 3.75

Set FFG46D12 views, on board details from upper deck, details on deck, looking down on fosc'l (nice views of launcher) Q9 $ 9.00

Set FFG46E 20 Views, on board, upper deck details, 76mm gun, stack, CIWS, hanger interior, helicopter. Includes view of Me! Q9 $ 15.00

Set FFG46F 3 Views, looking down from adjacent building, helicopter deck, top of hanger, CIWS mount Q9 $ 2.25

Set FFG46G 8 views, from adjacent ship engine vents, CIWS, helicopter ,STIR director Q9 $ 6.00

Set FFG46H 12 views, on board and from another ship, stack, fosc'l missile, bridge front Q9 $ 9.00

Set FFG46I 20 views, looking over at ship from top deck of adjacent vessel; very useful views of upper superstructure, etc. Q9 $ 15.00

Set FFG46J 13 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall ¾ port bow, nice, 12 details, mosaic along port side as ship passes below. Q9 $ 9.75

Set FFG46K 9 views, from shore, 2 oa, ¾ bow and stern, 7 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes Q8 $ 6.75

USS Vandegrift FFG-48

Photographed 2/96 in San Diego by W. Michael Young. The following 3 sets make a complete view of the side, mixed with some good overall. views.

Set FFG48A 24 views, from dock. 1 ¾ bow port OA, 23 portside details looking up, masts, bridge, superstructure (ss). Q8 $ 24.00

Set FFG48B 15 views, as above, 2 ¾ bow stbd. OA, 13 details, portside, radar, ECM, Mk 13, masts. Q8 $ 11.25

Set FFG48C 10 views, as above 1 ¾ stern port OA, 9 details, portside, stern, mast, bridge Q8 $ 7.50

Set FFG48D 1 view, in Australian waters, starboard side overall from elevated position. Q8 $ .75

seaphoto digital Photographed October 2007 in San Francsico.   These are digital sets that can be zoomed if purchased electronically.

Set FFG48E  23 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, ship is passing directly underneath, mosaic bow to stern, very nice Q9  $ 17.25


Set FFG48F 8 views, detail of upper superstructure  Q9  $ 6.00


Set FFG48G  26 views, from pier, details along port side  Q9  $ 25.50


Set FFG48H 20 views, onboard details, weapons, bridge, old missle launcher base, etc.  Q9  $ 15.00


Set FFG48 I 18 views, from shore and onbard, details of starboard hull,  focs'l, launcher base, mast, radar.   Q9  $ 13.50


Set FFG48J 21 views, onboard details froma on upperdeck.   Ship's RIB boat, Tacom, ECM.  Q9  $ 15.75


Set FFG48K 24 views, on board details, continue previous set towards aft with stack, main gun, CIWS,  Q9 $ 24.00


Set FFG48L 17 views. on board details, helo deck,  hanger exterior, mast, helo landing aids.  Q9  $  $ 12.75


Set FFG48M 19 views, from shore, nice details bow to stern along starboard side.


USS Robert G. Bradley FFG-49

Photographed in Belgian Waters, 4/96

Set FFG49B 6 views, 3 overalls, from boat, 3/4 bow port, nice, 1 o/b detail, helo, 2 views from pier of upperworks. Q9 $ 4.50

USS Gary FFG-51

Photographed 9-22-96

Set FFG51C 16 views, on board, upper deck details, Phalanx 20mm gun, stack, mast, 76mm Oto Melara etc. Q9 $ 12.00


Set FFG51D  7 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, bow to stern along port side.   Backlit, but useful  Q8, includes one free overall view   $ 5.25

Set FFG51F, 5 views, from dock, 1 details of bow, 4 more general views of upperworks. Q9 $ 3.75


Set FFG51G,  17 views, from harbor tour boat,  views of ship being refitted.  Q9  $ 12.75

Photographed San Pedro, CA early 1980's by Lee Upshaw while under construction

Set FFG51W 7 views of ship's hull while under construction, lots of scaffolding obstucts the view somewhat, includes a few free bonus views. Q7 $ 5.25

USS Carr FFG-52

Photographed by Anthony Perri

Set FFG52B 25 views, on board, upper deck details, 76mm gun, masts, radar, hatches, flag box, many details. Also stern from dock. Q8 $ 18.75

Set FFG52C 25 views, on board, main deck, fosc'l details, missile launcer, rafts, deck bridge wing. Lots of info. Q8 $ 18.75

Photographed by Lee Upshaw October 2009 at Norfolk Naval Station

USS Rueben James FFG-57

Photographed at San Francisco, CA 10-97

Set FFG57A 18 views , from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 overall bow on, mosiac bow to stern as ship passes below. Nice. Q9 $ 13.50


Frigates, Knox class (FF-1052)

Gone from the fleet,, many serve on in other nation's navies. For many years this large class would have been the backbone of ocean escorts in the event of war.

USS W.S Sims FF-1059 Taken in European waters, 9/86

Set FF1059A 3 views, from pier, 2 overall ¾ bow port, port stern, 1 detail, helo deck area. Some spots in negative, or would be Q9. Q8 $ 2.25

USS Lang FF-1060

Taken at Long Beach during a yard period, 1982/3 by Lee Upshaw

Set FF1060A 33 views, onboard at sea, details, whaleboat, ASROC, CIWS, fosc'l details Q9 $ 24.75

Set FF1060B 32 views, onboard details, upper deck, bridge interior, Mack, TACAN, director Q9 $ 24.00

Set FF1060C 13 views, onboard details, ASROC launcher, mast top, anchor, 5" gun Q9 $ 9.75

Set FF1060D 8 views, from pier, one overall stern, slight port angle, 7 views, mosaic bow to stern along port side Q9 $ 6.00

USS Reasoner FF-1063

Photographed by Marc Piché

Set FF1063A 1 view, extraordinarily nice ¾ bow starboard portrait - great shot! Q9 .75

USS Downes FF-1070

Photographed August 2003 as the ship was being towed from the reserve fleet at Susuin Bay to be sunk. She is in rough, but complete shape with preservation huts over ASROC and director.

Set FF1070A 21 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 overall, 19 mosaic bow to stern from above. Many useful details. Q9 $ 15.00

USS Elmer Montgomery FF-1082

Taken San Diego, CA by Paul Doman

Set FF1082A 3 detail views, Q8 $ 2.25

Set FF1082B 22 views, o/b details. Q8 $ 16.50

Set FF1082C 17 on board details, good. Q8 $ 12.75

Set FF1082D 14 detail, some o/b, some from dock Q8 $ 10.50

Set FF1082E 18 details, some from dock, gd. views of anchor, stern Q8 $ 13.50

Set FF1082F 2 o/b details, Q8 $ 1.50

USS Donald B. Beary FF-1085

Photographed 4/92 by L. Lee

Set FF1085B 2 views, from adjacent ship, 1 ¾ bow port overall, 1 detail, fosc'l area. Q8 $ 1.50

Set FF1085C 12 views, onboard and from pier, 5" gun, hanger area, ASROC launcher, CIWS, interior bridge, MACK. Q8 $ 9/00

USS Ainsworth FF-1090

Photographed 2/92 in New York by L. Lee

Set FF1090 8 views, from shore, details along port side, hull number, bridge front, gun, MACK, UNREP station, CIWS. Q9 $ 6.00

Garcia Class FF-1040 - See Foreign Navies section under Brazil

Littoral Combat Ships

Independence Class
The trimaran variant of the LCS types, they feature a large helicopter deck, all aluminum superstrutures, and a futuristic design.

USS Coronado LCS-4

Photographed October 2015 at San Francisco

Set LCS4A  27 views of the ship approaching, one overall and 26 great crisp details.   Highly recommend digtial delivery to get the wonderful details of this set in full resolution.   Q9   $ 20.25

Set LCS4B  36 views of the ship entering the bay from almost overhead.  Backlit, so I recommend the digitial version of the set so you can zoom on the details, which pop out.  Q9  $ 27.00


Destroyer Escorts

Edsall (FMR) Class

USS Stewart (DE-238)

Photographed at Galveston TX, 9-95. Although weather-beaten, a good example of a WWII vintage Destroyer Escort.

Set DE238A 17 views,1 o.a. portside from m. distance, 16 details taken from ground around landlocked ship. Q8 $ 12.75

Set DE238B 17 views, o/b, fosc'l gear details, bridge front, main gun, front of mast. Q8 $ 12.75

Set DE238C 4 views, 2 o/b views of portside passage, 2 views of propeller mounted on display in front of ship. Q8 $ 3.00

Set DE238D 24 views, o/b details, stack, bridge, upper levels, bridge interior. Q8 $ 18.00

Set DE238E 24 o/b details, 40mm guns, K-Gun D.C. launcher, Depth Charge racks, aft deck details. Q8 $ 18.00

Set DE238F 20 o/b details, Depth Charge rack, starboard deckhouse, boat davits, etc. Q8 $ 15.00

Set DE 238G 5 views, 1 overall ¾ port bow, 4 general arrangement views along port side. A bit dark, so Q7 $ 3.75

Cannon (DET) Class

USS Slater (DE-766)

Now residing in Buffalo New York, where she is a museum. These views were taken 8/94 when she was displayed at the Intrepid Museum in New York City. She had just been returned from the Royal Hellenic Navy, and was in need of a good coat of paint!

Set DE766A 7 details, shot down from USS Intrepid Flight Deck, views of starboard side. Q9 $ 5.25

Set DE766B 12 details from dock, along port side, some clutter in background, but useful views. Q8 $ 9.00

Set DE766C 7 views, looking down from CV, as in set "A", nice. Q9 $ 7.50

Set DE766D 10 views, from dock, details, useful Q9 $ 7.50

The following views were taken in May, 1999 at Albany, NY where the Slater is now on display. She has been painted, and looks very nice!

Set DE766E 4 views, from pier, looking down at fantail,K-gun, Depth charge rack, 20mm gun, aft SS Q9 $ 3.00

Set DE766F 13 views, from pier, bow details, bridge details, stack, mast, ss details, lots of good info. Q9 $ 9.75

Set DE766G 24 views, o/b details, fantail, stokes litter, 20mm guns, main gun, fosc'l detail, bridge front Q9 $ 18.00

Set DE766H 13 views, o/b details, on upper deck, guns ready service locker, gun tubs, floater net baskets Q9 $ 9.75

Set DE766I 11 views, from pier, like set DE 766F, except covers aft section of ship. Very useful Q9 $ 8.25

Set DE766J 24 views, o/b details, main gun, hedgehog, r/s Locker, bridge details, searchlight, flagbox Q9 $ 18.00

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