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Latin America Navies;  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico


Sail Training Vessel

Libertad Q-2

Beautiful Tall Ship which made a visit to San Francisco, 3/97

Set Q2A 3 views, from dock, details on stbd side - mast, cross yards, Q9 $ 2.25

Set Q2B 18 views, 15 from Golden Gate Bridge, (1 overall, 14 details, mosaic bow to stern) 3 from shore (1 overall, 2 details of hull) Q9 $ 13.50


Ex US Garcia Class Frigate

Considered a Destroyer by the Brazilian Navy

Pernambuco D30A (Ex USS Bradley FF-1041)

Photographed 6/94 by L. Lee in New York City.

Set D30A 8 views, onboard and from pier, gun, ASROC launcher, forward portion of ship, ship crest, Mk 56 GFD,Mk 32 T. Tubes. Q8 $ 6.00

Polar Research Vessel

Almirante Maximiano (H-41)

Photographed at Bremerhaven in February 2009 by Frank Findler.  She was built a Todd Shipyards for offshore supply, converted in Norway into a trawler, and rescued from the breakers for conversion to pipeline posistioning vessel.  That project stalled, but the 45 year old ship was converted yet again, this time into a research vessel for Brazil.

Set BRAH41A  36 views, from pier, details bow to stern along starboard side.  Q8 (a bit overexposed)  $ 27.00


Ex-British County Class Destroyer - Helicopter Conversion

Blanco Encalada D-15

Transferred in 1987 from Britain and extensively modified to DDH configuration. Taken October 1997 at San Francisco, CA

Set D15A 19 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 overall, nice ¾ bow port, 17 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes under. Q9 $ 14.25

Set D15B 34 views, on board, around main deck, inside helo hanger, helo, main gun, fosc'l, anchor gear, etc. Q8 $ 25.50

Set D15C 7 views, looking across pier from top deck of another ship, upperworks - mast, stack, directors Q8 $ 5.25

Set D15D 19 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, directly above - 2 overall, 17 details. Different day than set 15A, nice Q9 $ 14.25

Set D15E 7 views, looking at docked ship from across dock; mosaic from bridge to stern, some foreground clutter, but useful Q8 $ 5.25

Set D15F 9 views, as above, looking from bow to midships. Q8 $ 6.75

Set D15G 13 views,, from pier, 1 overall, bow on , slight port angle, others details of mast top, radar, bridge front, etc. Nice Q9 $ 9.75

Set D15H 3 views, from shore, all overall views, 1 bow on, 1 ¾ bow stbd, 1 ¾ stbd bow Q9 $ 2.25

Chilean Version, British Leander Class Frigate

Condel PF06

This vessel, built for Chile in the early 70's, is similar to her British cousins. Photographed 1998 in San Diego

Set PF06A 17 views, from pier, 2 good overall views, 15 details, good along stbd. side. Q9 $ 12.75

Set PF06 B 8 views, on board, shots around fantail, torpedo tubes Q8 $ 6.00

Set PF06C 24 views, from pier, all very good details along starboard side, good views of radars, directors, mast Q9 $ 18.00

Set PF06D 24 views, on board and from pier, shots of fosc'l gear, gun, SeaCat launcher, helo, radar, hull details Q9 $ 18.00

Set PF06E 23 views, from boat, 2 overalls, 21 good details, bridge area, superstructure, Exocet missile launcher Q9 $ 17.25

Lynch PF07

This vessel, built for Chile in the early 70's, is similar to her British cousins. Photographed 10/95 in San Francisco.

Set PF07A 11 views, from G. Gate bridge of ship passing directly underneath. 2 nice overall, 9 useful details Q9 $ 8.25

Set PF07B 8 views from boat along stbd. side of docked ship. Q7 $ 6.00

Set PF07C 17 close up views from across dock, mostly of forward portion of ship, nice details. Q9 $12.75

Set PF07D 6 views of ship passing underneath Golden Gate Bridge, looking down on starboard side, different angle than set PF07A. Q9 $ 4.50

Former Peruvian Turret Ship Huáscar

From set Huáscar 4

This is one of the oldest surviving steel warships in the world, lovingly cared for by the Chilean Navy as a memorial to the men of both their own and the Peruvian Navy who fought and died on her deck. Photographed in 2006 by Figueroa B. Hernan.

Set Huáscar 1 15 views, onboard details, skylight, mast, turret, ladder, davit, deck, boarding area  Q9  $ 11.25

Set Huáscar 2 7 views, mostly interior details, 2 views of a model of the ship, engine, auxiallary steering, 2 views of secondary gun.  Q9  $ 5.25

Set Huáscar 3 36 views, onboard details, lifeboat and storage, stack, cowls, bulkheads, mast, jackstaff, davits, boat boom, deck  Q9  $ 27.00

Set Huáscar 4 17 views, from shore, overall shots from various angles as well as details, mosaic bow to stern.  Q9  $ 12.75

Set Huáscar 5  36 views, onboard details, turret, cabins, light guns, memorails to naval officers, skylights, capstan. Q0   $ 27.00

Set Huáscar 6 31 views, weapons, main deck, cabin, skylights, ship's wheel. Q9 $ 23.25


Mexican ship numbers are pennant numbers, not hull numbers, and change, which is why you see the same ship with different numbers.


Ex US Fletcher Class Destroyer (Round Bridge)

Cuitalahuac EO-1

This is a very interesting ship- an operating example of a Fletcher ( the ex- USS John Rodgers DD-574) in very original condition, with 5 5" guns, twin 40mm AA guns, etc. Not many of these in existence!

Set EO1A 11 views from Golden Gate Bridge, overall and details Q8 $ 8.25

Set EO1B 24 views, some o/b, some from pier, nice details Q9 $ 18.00

Set EO1C 24 on board details, fosc'l, director, bridge int. mast Q9 $ 18.00

Set EO1D 24 detail views, aft deck, vents, stacks, guns Q9 $ 18.00

Set EO1E 12 views, details Q8 $ 9.00

Set EO1F 15 detail views of stbd. side from dock. Q9 $ 11.25

Ex US Gearing Class Destroyer

B.D. Neutzahualcoytl E-11

This ship is in very good condition, particularly when you consider its age.

Photographed at San Francisco, CA during Fleet Week, October 1996

Set E11D, 11 views, looking over from another ship, looking down at fosc'l, 5" gun (nice views) superstructure. A very useful set Q9 $ 8.25

Set E11E 9 views, as above, but looking across instead of down at aft deckhouse, superstructure, aft stack - Q8 $ 6.75

Set E11F 9 Views, looking down at aft section from warehouse (don't ask!), aft 5" mount, aft superstructure Q9 $ 6.75

Set E11G 13 views, on board, ASROC reload crane, control house, upperworks, mast, stack Q9 $ 9.75

Set E11H 12 views, on board, radar mast, funnel cap, main mast, gun mount Q9 $ 9.00

Set E11I 3 views, on board, nice view of 5" director, radar mattress, bridge top. Q9 $ 2.25

Set E11J 24 views, looking up from dock at upperworks, stack, mast, under bridge wings, etc. Q8 $ 18.00

Set E11K, 24 views, on board, deck details, main gun, hatches, WT doors. Q9 $ 18.00

These sets were taken in San Francisco, 10/93. The ship was wearing the pennant number E-04 at the time.

Set E04A 6 views from pier, 1 stern overall and 5 details. Q8 $4.50

Set E04B 4 details from pier. Q8 $ 3.00

Aguila Class Patrol Ships

Brigadier José Maria De La Vega Gonzalez CO-3

These patrol ships are about 247 feet long, and carry a 40mm gun as well as a helicopter.

Set CO3A 18 onboard details, 40mm gun, Superstructure, Helo hanger. Q9 $ 13.50

Set CO3B 4 views, from dock, helo deck support, passageway, stern Q8 $ 3.00

Set CO3C 4 views from Golden Gate Bridge of ship passing below, 1 overall, 3 closer details. Nice. Q9 $ 3.00

Set CO#D 7 views from boat of docked ship, one overall ¾ stern port, 6 details along stbd. side Q9 $ 5.25

Set CO3E 21 onboard views, bridge area, mast, lower deck. Q9 $ 15.75

Set CO3F 5 views, mosaic bow to stern along port side of ship - very nice views taken from boat. Q9 $ 3.75

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