USS Midway Photo CD

2 CD set in a DVD style case!

We are excited to announce our latest CD - a tour of the USS Midway (CV-41), supplemented with onboard and underway views of her from official US Navy sources.  Also included is a CD with the USS Coral Sea (CV-43)

Please note that the pictures on the CD are 4 times larger than these samples!

In these CDs , you get:

All this for $ 17.99 plus $ 8.00 S/H in the US,  $ 15.00 anywhere else in the world (The case adds a lot to the shipping cost overseas).  We accept Paypal, check or cash. For Paypal, use as your pay address.  If you prefer, the CD's can be sent wihout the DVD case, which greatly reduces the shipping cost, especially overseas.  The cost, without case, is 17.99, plus 8.00 S/H in the US, $ 8.00 elsewhere in the world.  Remember, this option is for the CD's packaged in paper envelopes and not the DVD case.  Please indicate on the order form or Paypal transmittal which option you prefer.

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Many onboard details, including shots of the display aircraft

Overall views from her time in service

Hull details galore!

Complete island and mast details.

Supplemented with 160 views of the USS Coral Sea (CV-43) as well.

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