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PT, Patrol and Special Warfare

Cyclone Class (PC-1)

USS Monsoon PC-4

These ships that deliver and support the SEALS. Interesting!

Set PC4A 14 views, o/b and from dock, details. Q8 $ 10.50

Set PC4B 24 o/b views, Many good details in this set. Q9 $ 18.00

Set PC4C 2 overall views of port side $ Q8 $ 1.50

Set PC4D 22 o/b details, mast, bridge, fosc'l Q9 $ 16.50

Set PC4E 1 starboard overall view, underway from pier Q9 $ .75

Set PC4F 1 overall portrait, port stern, ship is camouflaged, SD 3/97 Q8 $ .75

USS Typhoon PC-5

This set features interesting views of the Camouflaged USS Typhoon, taken in overseas waters. Courtesy L. Van Ginderin Collection.

Set PC5A 3 views, from boat, all overall views. 1 bow port, 1 port overall, 1 stern stbd, vessel is underway in last views. Nice set. Q9 $ 2.25

USS Scirocco PC-6

Photographed 6/95 in European waters.

Set PC6A 1 view, starboard side view of ship underway at slow speed. Q8 $ .75

USS Zephyr PC-8

Photographed 1999 at San Francisco, CA

Set PC8A 8 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 nice overall bow port, 7 details, one a bit blurry, but useful. Q8 $ 6.00

Set PC8B 10 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 nice overalls, bow on, and slight stbd angle, 8 details, mosaic bow to stern. Nice Q9 $ 7.50

USS Firebolt PC-10

Photographed 5/95

Set PC10A 1 view, starboard side overall from shore, ship is underway. Q8 $ .75

USS Thunderbolt PC-12

Set PC12A 4 views, from shore, one bow on overall, 3 details of weapons Taken 6/97 Q9 $ 3.00

Set PC12B 12 views, from pier, 10 nice overalls, different angles, 2 details, amidships area Taken 9/92 Q9 $ 9.00

Set PC 12B

PT Boats

PT Museum at Fall River, MA PT 617 This museum has two boats on display, and is a very good source for information on the "mosquito boats", those plywood hulled, avgas fueled chariots of fire.

Set PTMA 21 views, inside museum, includes views of PT-617 Q7 $ 15.75

Set PTMB 2 views of PT boat bow, from underneath Q8 $ 1.50

PBR (Patrol Boat River)


This example of a PBR represents those that served in large numbers during the Vietnam conflict, and is preserved in Charleston, SC

Set PBRA 4 views of PBR in water display, bow and stern Q8 $ 3.00

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