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The Netherlands

Guided Missile Destroyers

Tromp Class Designated as frigates by the Dutch Navy, they are destroyer sized, and have a distinctive radome on the bridge.

Set F801A 4 views, from boat, overalls from various angles, bow and stern. Q8 $ 3.00


De Zeven ProvinciŽn class frigate

Classified by the Dutch Navy as frigates, but by other references as Destroyers, these are highly advanced air defense platform that have added surface and ASW capabilities.  First put into service April, 2002

HNLMS De Zeven ProvinciŽn (F802) Photographed April, 2008 by Frank Findler

Set F802A 8 views, from shore, ship is underway, mostly stern quarting views, some overalls.   Q9   $ 6.00

HNLMS Tromp (F803) Photographed September 2006 by Frank Findler

Set F803A 36 views, from shore as ship passes by, 2 overall, 1 3/4 bow port, 1 3/4 stern port, 34 details along port side. Some a bit backlit.  Q8  $ 27.00

HNLMS Evertsen (F805)

Photographed December 2008 by Frank Findler.

Set F805A 11 views, from canal shore, mosaic along port side as ship passes Q8   $ 8.25

Karel Doorman class frigate

A series of 8 multi-purpose frigates built for the Royal Netherlands Navy during the early 1990's.  Most are being sold to Chilean, Belgian and Portuguese Navies.

HNLMS Van Galen (F-834) - Photographed at Dan Helder, the Netherlands 5/2008 by Frank Findler.  This ship will be tranferred to Portugal in late 2009

Set F834A 38 views, from pier, mosaic of details along port side of ship.  Q9  $ 28.50

Photographed in the Kiel Canal,  12/2008 by Frank Findler

Set F834B, 18 views, from canal shore, 2 overall 3/4 stern port, 16 details, bow to stern along port side.  A bit dark, but useful Q8


HNLMS Tonjin Photographed at Dan Helder, Netherlands, where she is a museum vessel, by Mark Richards.

S 805 A 24 views, onboard and from ground looking up, 2 overalls, 22 good details. Q9 $18.00

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