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New Zealand


Anzac class frigate

These frigates are a variant of the MEKO-200 design, and serve in both the Australian and New Zealand Navies

HMNZS Te Kaha (F77)

Photographed at San Francisco, CA July 2010

The departure shots were unusual in that the ship went out, turned around, came in a short distance, and then went out again, we presented a rare opportunity to shoot both  sides of the ship the same day. Sometimes you just get lucky!

Set F77A 27 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall plus 26 details along port side as ship passes. Q9  $ 20.25 

Set F77B 21 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall plus 20 views along starboard side as ship passes Q9 $ 15.75

Set F77C 23 views, from pier along staraboard side, stern, anchor, gun  Q9 $ 17.25

Set F77D 16 views, from pier along starboard side, accomodation ladder, nameplate, superstructure, one overall view. Q9 $ 12.00

Set F77E 12 views of Kaman SH-2 Seasprite and helo deck.  Q9  $ 9.00

Set F77F 17 views, helo hanger, flight deck, interior hanger Q9   $ 12.75

Set F77G 21 views, upper deck from top of helo hanger to midships, VLS, deck gear, stack base.  Q9  $ 15.75

Set F77H 10 views, boat handling gear, views looking down at main deck from upper deck .  Q9  $ 7.50

Set F77I 17 views,upper deck from midships to bridge, bridge wings. Q9 $ 12.75

Set F77J 33 views, views of focs'l from above and on deck, ground tackle, main gun, deck fittings. Q9 $ 24.75

Replenishment Ships

HMNZS Endeavour (A11)

Photographed at San Francisco, CA  July, 2010

Set A11A 27 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 3 overall, one with Frigate F77 in background, 24 details as ship passes under.  Q9  $ 20.25

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