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Brahmaputra class frigates

From the Wikipedia Article:

They are an enhancement of the Godavari class, with a displacement of 3850 tons and a length of 126 metres. Although of similar hull and dimension, internally, the Brahmaputra and Godavari classes have different configurations, armaments and capabilities. 3 ships of this class serve in the Indian Navy.

INS Beas (F37)

Photographed June 14, 2009 at Bremerhaven by Frank Findler

Set INF37 A 38 views, from shore, 2 overall views, 36 details from bow to stern Q8 ( A bit dark but very useable)  $ 28.50

Set INF37 B 27views, from shore, details on port side and stern $ 20.25

Talwar (Krivak III) Class

Stealthy ships designed by Russia, and built in St. Petersburg.  Photos take 07/03 at the Kiel Canal by Frank Findler

All photos in SeaPhoto sets are color 4 X 6 prints - we post samples in black and white to conserve server space

Set INF40A  27 views, from bridge over canal, 3 overall views, both bow and stern aspect, 24 details, mosaic from bow to stern along port side as ship passes underneath.  A great set for this new ship.    Q9      $ 20.25

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