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Guided Missile Destroyers

Luigi Durand de la Penne Class

In service since 1994, this good looking, modern destroyer is very heavily armed for its size.

Luigi Durand de la Penne D-560

Photographed 10/96 at San Francisco, CA

Set D560A 16 views, from Golden Gate Bridge 1 nice port bow overall, 15 details, mosaic from bow to stern as ship passes. Very nice set. Q9 $ 12.00

Set D560C 14 views, on board, helicopter, superstructure, torpedo tube, rocket launcher Q8 $ 10.50

Set D50D 16 views, onboard, fosc'l, weapons sea sparrow launcher, mast, radar, missile directors. ` Q8 $ 12.00

Guided Missile Frigates

Modified Lupo Class

Originally ordered by Iraq, these frigates, under construction in Italy, were acquired by the Italian Navy following the Gulf War

Bersaglierre F-584

Photographed 10/96 during San Francisco's Fleet Week Celebration.

Set F584A 11 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 very nice bow port overall, 10 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes. Nice set Q9 $ 8.25

Set F584B 3 views, from adjacent warship, main gun, bridge front, director on top of bridge Q9 $ 2.25

Set F584C 24 views, from shore, looking across to ship, cluttered background, but good details, mosaic bow to stern Q8 $ 18.00

Set F584D 6 views, from another ship, fosc'l, gun, rocket launcher, bridge front Q8 $ 4.50

Set F584E 21 views, from shore, 1 nice overall, 20 views, similar to F584C, but slightly different angle Q8 $ 15.75

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