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Freighters, Nuclear

NS Savannah

Once the first Nuclear Powered freighter in the world, then a museum ship at Patriots Point, in Charleston, SC, the Savannah's future does not appear certain. She is languishing in the James River, near Norfolk, VA, possibly awaiting the cutter's torch. Photographed at Charleston, 9/93

Set Sava1 14 on board details, fosc'l, bridge, sides of ships. Q8 $ 10.50

Set Sava2 3 views, of bow area looking from adjacent Aircraft Carrier. Q8 $ 2.25

Set Sava3 2 views, overalls, starboard side Q8 $ 1.50

Set Sava4 7 views, good details shot from Aircraft Carrier, nice Q8 $ 5.25

Set Sava5 4 views, on board, bow, gear Q8 $ 3.00

Set Sava6 3 views of gear, from Aircraft Carrier Q8 $ 2.25

Set Sava7 6 views, on board, fosc'l, pool area, stern derrick, 2 inside. Q8 $ 4.50

Set Sava8 3views, from boat, 1 amidships detail, 1 stern, 1 stbd stern,   Q8 $ 2.25

Set Sava9 4 views of masts and bridge from Aircraft Carrier Q8 $ 3.00

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