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Aircraft Carriers

Jeanne d'Arc class helicopter carrier and cadet training ship

Multipurpose ship built to train cadets in peacetime and conducting ASW and assault missions in wartime. Photographed January 1999 in San Francisco.

Set R97A 15 views, from Golden Gate Bridge 4 overalls as ship apporaches, 11 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes under. Nice Q9 $ 11.25

Set R97B 26 views, onboard details, Exocet boxes, guns, mast, helo deck, bridge interior, crane, a/c equipment, helo Q9 $ 19.50

Set R97C 4 views, from pier and onboard, 1 view of winch for crane, 3 views looking up from brow Q8 $ 3.00

Set R97D 2 views, from pier, 2 ¾ port bow overall. Q8 $ 1.50


Tourville Class


Taken January, 1999 at San Francisco, CA

Set 611A 19 views, from pier, 3 nice ¾ bow overall views, 16 details of area from bow to midships. Some foreground clutter in details. Q8 $ 14.25

Set 611B 7 views, from pier, 1 bow on overall, 6 details, masts and upperworks Q9 $ 5.25

Set 611C 12 views, from pier, details lookingup at port side, VDS fish, missile launchers, mast, boat, upperworks Q8 $ 9.00

Set 611D 14 views, from Golden Gate Bridge 1 nice 3/4 bow on overall 13 views, mosaic bow to stern. Nice! Q9 $ 10.50

Georges Leygues Class

Latouche-Tréville (D 646)

Photographed April 7, 2010 by Frank Findler at Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Set D646A 21 views, from shore, starboard side and stern as ship passes.  Q8 (some views a bit dark, but useful, see preview)  $ 15.75


Floréal Class Surveillance Frigates


Taken October 1997 at San Francisco, CA

Set F731A 13 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall ¾ bow port, 12 details, mosaic as ship passes underneath. Q9 $ 9.75

Amphibious Warfare Ships

Mistral class amphibious assault ship

Mistral (L-9013)

Photographed April 9, 2010 by Frank Findler in Wilhemshaven, Germany

Set L9013 A 36 views from pier, details and two overalls from starboard side.  Q9  $ 27.00


Triparte Class Coastal Minehunters

Croix Du Sud M-646 Photographed in Europe by Alain Finet

Set M646A 30 views, onboard and from pier, fosc'l, mast, stack, sweep gear, armament, very clear set Q9 $ 22.50

Photographed in May, 2008 by Frank Findler

Set M646B 8 views, from bridge, mosaic bow to stern along starboard side. Some color banding in two shots, else a Q9 set.   Q8  $ 6.00

Mine Countermeasures Support Ship

Loire (A-615)  This ship is designed to support Minesweeprs, and has helicopter facilities, extensive workshops, and a decompression chamber.

Photographed in May, 2008 by Frank Findler

Set A615A 14 views, from bridge, 3/4 stern starboard, 13 details along starboard side.  Q9  $ 10.50

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