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Helicopter Carrying Destroyers

Haruna Class

These large destroyers can carry 3 helicopters, and serve as flagships Photographed 7/96 at Alameda NAS.

Hiei DDH-142

Set DDH142A 4 views, 1 o/b bridge interior, 3 views from adjacent ship, bridge wing, fosc'l, ship's boat. Q9 $ 3.00

Set DDH142B 11 views from Golden Gate Bridge, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes under. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DDH142C 2 views, from shore, ship is passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, 1 OA Starboard, 1 detail. Q8 $ 1.50

Set DDH142D 7 views, from shore, 1 OA port side, 6 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes by. Q8 $ 5.25

Set DDH142E 9 views, 3 o/b, deck, 6 views looking up from pier, aft gun, mast, radar, boat storage. Q8 $ 6.75

Set DDH142F 9 views, o/b details, fosc'l area, main gun, anchor gear, deckhouse, ASROC reload crane. Q9 $ 6.75

Set DDH142G 4 views, from pier, mosaic from stern to front of bridge, starboard side, a bit dark. Q8 $ 3.00

Set DDH142H 13 views, o/b details, top of bridge, director, looking down at Fosc'l, SATCOM antennae, SRBOC Q8 $ 9.75

Set DDH142I 4 views, from roof of bridge, directors, range finder, Phalanx CIWS Q8 $ 3.00

Guided Missile Destroyers

Aegis Destroyers - Kongo Class

This is the Japanese version of the Arleigh Burke class, but with some distinct differences - stack shape, superstructure height, helicopter deck arrangement and some weapons. All carry the names of famous World War II naval units. Interesting ships!

JMSDF Kirishima DDG-174

Photographed at Alameda NAS and SF Bay during July, 1996.

Set DDG174A 7 views, from pier, one stern OA, 6 details looking up at stack, mast, harpoon launcher. Q9 $ 5.25

Set DDG174B 21 views, most on board ,fosc'l area, main gun, anchor gear, deck details, superstructure. Q9 $ 15.75

Set DDG174C 21 views, from ship on opposite pier, nice overviews and details along port side, bridge, mast, etc. Q9 $ 15.75

Set DDG174D 9 views, from dock, looking up at bridge area, mast, radar, ECM pod, stacks. Q9 $ 6.75

Set DDG174E 16 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 bow stbd OA, 15 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes. Q9 $ 12.00

Set DDG174F 5 views, on board, Forward VLS, gun base, passageway through forward SS, 2 views fore SS Q9 $ 3.75

Set DDG174G 5 views, from ship across pier, mosaic bow to stern along port side, very good overviews. Q9 $ 3.75

Set DDG174H 7 views, looking down from CV flight deck, details of bow, bridge area, mast, some very useful Q9 $ 5.25

Set DDG174I 4 views, looking down from ship across pier, ship's boat, bridge, missile director, aft Phalanx. Q9 $ 3.00

Set DDG174J 18 views, o/b details, stern, helo deck, aft SS, VLS, torpedo tubes, Harpoon Launchers, radar Q9 $ 13.50

Set DDG174K 8 views, from opposite ship, details Harpoon area, stacks, amidships details, helo deck (this distant view) Q8 $ 6.00

Set DDG174L 9 views, from opposite ship, forward SS, stacks, vents, aft SS - similar to set K, but further aft on ship Q9 $ 6.75

JMSDF Myoko DDG-175

Photographed in June 1997 at San Diego, California during the first Fleet Week celebration in that city.

Set DDG175A 7 shots, from shore, 1 overall port side, 6 details, mosaic bow to stern. Gray day, a bit hazy, but you can make out details of ship. Q8 $ 5.25

Tachikaze Class

JMSDF Tachikaze DDG-168

Photographed at Alameda NAS and SF Bay, July 1996

Set DDG168A 25 views, o/b and from pier, around main deck, weapons, superstructure, mast and radar. Q9 $ 18.75

Set DDG168B 11 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 bow port overall, hazy, 10 details, bow to stern, clear. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DDG168C 7 views, from shore, 2 overall stbd side, 5 details, mosaic as ship passes. Q8 $ 6.25

Set DDG168D 4 views, from behind on adjacent ship, stern detail, front SS, radar, masts. Q9 $ 3.00

Set DDG168E 4 views, from pier, bow, mast front, director, bridge front, bow detail. Q9 $ 3.00


Asagiri Class

Built during the late 80's, these are modern, fast, formidable ASW platforms.

JMSDF Umigiri

Photographed 7/96 at Alameda NAS.

Set DD158A 16 views, onboard, SH60J Helicopter, Phalanx, Sea Sparrow launcher, helo hanger. Q9 $ 12.00

Set DD158B 24 views, o/b and mosaic of views along stbd. side, ASROC launcher, main gun, bridge front, mast, fosc'l. Q9 $ 18.00

Set DD158C 11 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 nice overall, 10 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes under. Q9 $ 8.25

Set DD158D 6 views, looking down from adjacent ship, radar, director, mast, stack tops, searchlight, boat. Q8 $ 4.50

Set DD158E 9 views, looking down from adjacent ship, radar, director, mast, stack, fosc'l - different angle than set "D" Q9 $ 6.75

Hatsuyuki Class

Good general destroyers, built in the mid 80's.

JMSDF Shirayuki DD-123, JMSDF Shimayuki DD-133

Photographed in SF, 10/92 Sets include detail views of both ships, which are sisters.

Set DD123A 8 views passing by underway, nice. Q8 $ 6.00

Set DD123B 16 views, details of both ships Q8 $ 12.00

Set DD123C 25 views, details of both ships Q8 $ 24.75

Set DD123D 6 views, 1 bow, 1 underway, 2 close-ups, 2 views of ships nested together. Q7 $ 4.50

Set DD123E 3 views, underway details. Q7 $ 2.25

Set DD123F 4 details, 2 fosc'l, gun mount, mast. Q8 $ 3.00

Japanese Coast Guard

Kojimi PL-21

Training ship used by the Japanese Coast Guard. Photographed 1997 during a port visit to San Francisco.

Set PL21A 23 views, from shore, 2 nice overall views, 21 details, mosaic along starboard side. Q9 $ 17.25


Kaiten Suicide Torpedo Mk IV

On display at Pearl Harbor, HI ; photographed 10/02

Set Kaiten A 6 views, all around submarine on shore display, overall and details Q9 $ 4.50

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