Sovremennyy Photo CD

We are excited to announce our latest CD - views of a Russian Sovremennyy Class Photo CD

Please note that the pictures on the CD are 5 times larger than these  500 pixel samples, and are of higher .jpg quality too!

In this CD, you get:

In total, you get 181 photos, over 500 MB of very high quality photos. So detailed you can see the welds!  This CD would be an invaluable tool for the modeler who wishes to detail the Trumpeter 1/200 or 1/350 scale Sovremennyy class models, or for anyone interested in the modern Russian navy and it's weapons, including export only systems.

All this for $ 14.99 plus $ 5.00 S/H in the US,  $ 8.00 elsewhere in the world.  We accept Paypal, check or cash. For Paypal, use as your pay address.

Would you prefer free digital delivery?  All over our digital products can be delivered via Dropbox, which is free for you to use to reciever files.   Files are usually sent within 24 hours, so you get your photos much sooner, and you save the shipping and handling charge.


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Great views of the weapons, such as this RBU 1000 rocket launcher, a detailer's delight

Photos from various angles,including under the mast platforms

More general views illustrate how the various components relate to one another

Overhead overall and a detailed mosaic of the new Indian Navy frigate Talwar (F-40), featuring many new Russian weapons.

Also includes overall and detailed photos of the Russian training ship Smol'nyy

Remember, the photos you will receive on the disk are 5 times the size of these samples!

If you like this CD, you will also enjoy our extensive coverage of the Russian guided missile cruiser Varyag as well - we combine CD orders to reduce shipping costs.

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