Russian Cruiser Varyag Photo Collection

We are excited to announce our latest CD - views of the Russian Slava class cruiser Varyag

This collection includes a much larger version of this graphic, which identifies various weapons and sensors

This is the most comprehenisve coverage of any ship we have produced

The photos are a result of a multiple days photographing this rare visitor to US waters.

Click on this photo for a full size sample (File size 431 KB) of the shots in the collection

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Contact sheet showing the contents of some of the folders; click to see larger versions:

Shots taken from the Golden Gate Bridge:


Views at sea taken by Kevin Klemens of the USS Bunker Hill

Views of the Bridge Area taken from the pier

Details of the MR-700 Fregat (NATO: Top Steer) Radar, taken from pier

Of course, the on board details SeaPhoto is known for:

130 mm AK-130 gun

KA-27 Helicopter


And much, much more!

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