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Enterprise Class
Kitty Hawk Class
Forrestal Class
Midway Class
Essex Class
Independence Class

Nimitz Class

The mightiest warships every built, the are the quintessential American warship of the late 20th century. Both fantastically capable and expensive, the Navy is looking for alternatives to this design at this writing, but so far, has found none.

USS Harry S. Truman CVN-75

Photographed mid 1998 by Michael Leonard at Norfolk, VA

Set CVN 75 A 16 views, from pier, details along starboard side and stern, a bit dark Q8 $ 12.00

Photographed 09/05 by Duane Curtis

Set CVN75B24 views, from pier, stbd side details, looking up under sponsons, much support structure, etc. Q9 $ 18.00

Set CVN75C 23 views, onboard, flight deck edge details, catwalks, support structures. Q9 $ 17.25

Set CVN75D 11 views, onboard, flight deck refueling reels, boatstorage at stern, elevator opening Q9 $ 8.25

Set CVN75E 23 views, onboard details, flight deck edge, good Island details, deck tractors Q9 $ 17.25

Set CVN75F 26 views, details taken from Island, flight deck layout, mast, antennae, island details Q9 $ 19.50

Set CVN75G 24 views, hanger interior, RIB, CIWS, details around flight deck elevator Q9 $ 18.00

Set CVN75H 24 views, onboard details, landing lights, Sea Sparrow, communications domes, deck edge details Q9 $ 18.00

Set CVN75I 16 views, from pier, port side details, sponsons, stern, support structures Q9 $ 12.00

USS George Washington CVN-73

Photographed 2/94 in the English Channel

Set CVN73A 4 views, from boat, 1 nice overall, 3 details. English Channel, 2-94 Q8 $ 3.00

Set CVN73B 5 views, from boat, one bow on OA, 4 details, island, mast, amidships Q8 $ 3.75

Set CVN 73 C 2 views, from boat, 1 bow stbd overall, 1 stern port overall Q8 $ 1.50

USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72

Set CVN72A 6 views, looking up from dock, 10-92, Alameda, CA Q8 $ 4.50

Set CVN72B 19 views, details both inside and outside the ship  10/92 Q9 $ 14.25

Set CVN72C 4 views, 2 of mast and bridge, 1 mast only, 1 flight deck overhang 10/92 Q8 $ 3.00

Set CVN72D 12 views, most from dock, stbd. side, hanger, flight deck 9/94. Q7 $ 9.00

Set CVN72E 15 views, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, port side, launching a F-18.  10/94 Q7 $ 11.25

Set CVN72F 24 views, on board details, mostly of island. Q8 $ 18.00

Set CVN72G 20 views, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, stbd. side, nice. Q9 $ 15.00

Set CVN72H 11 views, approaching the Bridge, overall views moderate distance Q8 9/94 $ 8.25

Set CVN72I 19 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, one great stbd bow overall, rest mosaic bow to stern. Great Set! Q9 $ 14.25

Taken 10/99 San Francisco, CA during Fleet Week 1999

Set CVN72J 25 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 3 overall 3/4 stbd bow, nice, 22 good details along stbd side as ship passes Q9 $ 18.25

USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

Set CVN70A 4 views, port side, from pier, a bit dark, but useful ` Q7 $ 3.00

SetCVN70B 12 views, 4 overall bow, port, stbd sides, 8 details, as above Q7 $ 9.00

Set CVN70C 12 views from adjacent CVN, details along stbd. side, island, mast, bridge. Q8 $ 9.00

Set CVN70D 1 overall overhead view from bridge, starboard stern sailing away. Q8 $ .75

Set CVN70E 12 views, from G. Gate Bridge, 1 OA stern stbd,11stbd. side details, nice. Q9 $ 9.00

Set CVN70F 21 views, from G. Gate Bridge, 2 OA,19 Views, mosaic - ship is leaving Alameda NAS for last time -vehicles on deck. Q8 $ 15.75

Set CVN70G 8 views, from pier, details of hull and flight deck edge looking up from pier. Alameda, CA 19.96 Q9 $ 6.00

Set CVN70H 25 views, from Golden Gate Bridge 1 overall, 24 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes. Foggy day, but useful. Q8 $ 18.75

Set CVN70I  32 Black and White photos, from pier, great details.   Q9   22.50

Set CVN70J  23 Black and White photos, from pier, great details.  Q9   11.50

seaphoto digitalThe foillowing set was taken October 2011 at San Francisco, California.  These are digital shots, so if you chose digital delivery you can zoom in on the details.

Set CVN70K   41 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, one overall, 40 details along starboard, bow to stern.   Q9  $ 30.75

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69

seaphoto digitalThe following set was taken in October 2009 at Norfolk, VA by William Upshaw.  If you choose digital deliver you can zoom in on the details.
Set CVN69 B 28 photos, details bow to stern along port side from another aircraft carrier.  Q9  $ 21.00

USS Nimitz CVN-68

Set CVN68A 4 views of ship under overhaul at Bremerton WA 1994 Q7 $ 3.00

Set CVN68B 7 views, as above Q8 $ 5.25

Set CVN68C 2 views of stern as above, Q8 $ 1.50

Set CVN68D 2 views, mast, stern, Q8 $ 1.50

Set CVN68E 1 view, overall from shore, port side, being assisted by tugs. Q8 $ .75

Taken 10/06 at San Francisco

Set CVN68F 32 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 OA, nice bow starboard, 31 details bow to near stern, deck details, island details, radars, masts Q9 $ 24.00

Set CVN68G 26 views,from bridge, 3 oa stbd. side 23 details bow to stern along stbd side.  Q9   $ 19.50

Enterprise (CVN-65) Class

One of the most famous warships of modern times, the Enterprise was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Photographed by Kent Strapko at Norfolk, VA 6/00

Set CVN65A 13 views, from pier, looking up at carrier bow, stern, under structure, island Q8 $ 9.75

Set CVN65B 25 views, onbord details, flight deck, island, Sea Sparrow, mast, aircraft fueling equipment Q9 $ 18.75

Kitty Hawk (CV-63) Class

Their days are numbered, but at one time these conventionally fueled behemoths ruled the oceans; they are being phased out in favor of their larger, nuclear fueled cousins.

USS Constellation CV-64

All but set CV64A Taken 3/96 at Alameda NAS and from the Golden Gate Bridge - useful sets.

Set CV64A 7 views, some overall port side, others close up of bow, island. Q7 $ 5.25
Set CV64B 23 Views, from G. Gate Bridge, 1 bow /port OA., 22 details, bow to stern along port side, very nice. Q9 $ 17.25

Set CV64C 18 views, from dock, details along stbd side stern to amidships. Q8 $ 13.50
Set CV64D 19 views, from Bridge, along port side, heading away from camera, good mosaic bow to aft part of island. Q8 $ 15.00
Set CV64E 15 views, on flight deck, island, Sea Sparrow launcher, A/C refueling gear, elevator, A/C tractor. Q8 $ 11.25 Set CV64F 18 views, most from dock, amidships details, hanger, front of island, ship's emblem Q8 $ 13.50
Set CV64G 24 details, from dock, bow to amidships along starboard side, anchor, sponsons, etc. Q8 $ 18.00

Set CV64H 26 views, from G. Gate Bridge, Q8 $ 19.50

Set CV64J 9 views, from dock, looking forward at aft section of island, radar, mast. Q8 $ 6.75

Set CV64K 2 views, from shore, overall portraits, port and starboard side. Q8 $ 1.50

Taken 10/00 during San Francisco Fleet Week 2000

Set CV64L 21 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 4 very nice overalls, 17 details, mosaic along port side from above, very useful Q9 $ 15.75

Set CV64M24 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 oa, stern-on, 22 details along stbd side includes sequence of a catapult shot - unique set! Q9 $ 18.00

USS Kitty Hawk CV-63

Set CV63A 8 views, from boat, 7 down port side, one close up of island. San Diego, CA 5-94 Q6 $ 6.00

Forrestal Class (CV-59)

These were the first of the supercarriers - designed to operate the ever larger jet aircraft entering the fleet. The class was controversial at first, critics deeming they were too large, but operational experience after they entered service proved the concept.

USS Independence CV-62

The following views were taken at San Francisco, CA , 9-88

Set CV62A 4 views on flight deck, 2 UH-N overall, 1 detail view inside helicopter, 1 view of CH-46E Q6 $ 3.00
Set CV62b 12 views, 8 anchred in SF Bay, foreground cluttered with Civilian boats, 4 misc views around carrier,. Q6 $ 9..00 Set
CV62C 36 views, 3 distant OA views, 1 hanger, 8 island, 1 platform, 3 Cobra AH-1W, 4 CH46-E, 6 SH-3H Sea King, 3 E2C Hawkeye, 5 views of F-14 Tomcats, 2 A-6 Intruder. A good set featuring different carrier aircraft. Q6 $ 27.00
Set CV62D 15 views, 9 of SH-3H Sea King helo, 3 misc. jets, 1 Captor torpedo mine, 1 torpedo Q6 $ 11.25
Set CV62E 10 views, 4 flight deck, 1 elevator, 2 hanger, 3 long distance overall views of ship Q6 $ 7.50
Set CV54F 11 external details taken looking up from pier. Q6 $ 8.25

Taken at Sydney, Australia, 4/97

Set CV62G 4 views, from shore, nice overalls from various angles. These are all nice portraits. Q9 $ 3.00

USS Ranger CV-61

Set CV61A 5 views of the carrier, decommissioned, in San Diego harbor. Q7 $ 3.75

Midway Class

2 of the 3 ships of this class served for many years in the US Navy, giving extraordinary service for what was a World War II design. The Franklin D Roosevelt (CVA-42) was discarded many years ago, the Coral Sea (CV-43) much more recently, but there is an effort to preserve the Midway in San Diego as a museum vessel.

USS Midway CV-41

Set CVN41A 3 views of decommissioned ship in Bremerton WA 1994, ship is in poor cosmetic condition. Q7 $ 2.25

Essex Class

This group of aircraft carriers was designed and built during the Second World War. It is a tribute to the flexibility of the design that they served for so many years, in roles ranging from traditional attack, to antisubmarine, amphibious attack, and even spacecraft recovery.

USS Yorktown CV-10

Another nicely preserved Essex class, she is part of the Patriot's Point collection of warships, Charleston SC. Photos taken 8-93

Set CV10A 11 views inside Hanger, 3 views, quad 1.1" gun ("Chicago Piano"), 1 F6F Hellcat fighter, 1 TBM Avenger torpedo plane, 1 quad 40mm gun, 3 other views Q8 $ 8.25
Set CV10B 1 view of stern from pier Q8 $ .75
Set CV10C 2 views of flight deck supports Q7 $ 1.50
Set CV10D 15 views, 13 overall and details from boat - very interesting and useful views of ship - 1 view 40mm gun, 1 other gun Q8 $ 11.25
Set CV10E 8 views - 3 of quad 40mm, 5 miscellaneous missiles on display in front of vessel. Q8 $ 6.00
Set CV10F 8 views - 7 details and 1 overall view of ship Q8 $ 6.00
Set CV10G 8 views - flight deck, island, AA gun, MK 56 director Q8 $ 6.00
SetCV10H 3 views, details of hull Q7 $ 2.25
Set CV10I 4 views, taken from stern looking up at flight deck overhang Q7 $ 3.00

USS Intrepid CV-11

Preserved as a museum in New York City. All photos were taken 8-94

Set CV11A 15 views, details, 6 bridge area, 3 SR71 Blackbird on deck, 2 YS-2 Tracker ASW A/C, 2 MK 56 gun direcotr, 2 AA guns Q7 $ 11.25

Set CV11B 4 views, details of island Q7 $ 3.00

Set CV11C 9 vies, details of Mk 56 gun director and 3" AA gun - great for superdetailing! Q8 $ 9.00

Set CV11D 12 views, details of aft side of island, 3" AA gun, mast, radar, etc. Q7 $ 9.00

Set CV11E 24 details of side of ship, elevator - lots of good information in this set Q8 $ 18.00

USS Hornet CV-12

This ship was the subject of a successful preservation attempt at Alameda, CA. The views below show the ship after years of storage.

Set CV12E 9 views, from the deck of CVN-70, 1 nice bow stbd overall, 8 details of island, upperworks, etc. Q8 $ 6.75

Set CV12F 12 views, as above, different angles, shows islands, upperworks, deck. Q9 $ 9.00

USS Lexington CV/CVT 16

Taken 9-95 at Corpus Christi TX, this memorial ship served for many years training generations of Naval Aviators.

Set CV16A 11 Views, from pier, 1 overall bow stbd, 1 stbd. side overall, 9 good details along stbd side. Q8 $ 8.25 Set CV16B 24 o/b views, many of F-14 on deck, details of Island, details of display 3" A.A. gun. Q8 $ 18.00
Set CV16C 23 views, onboard, all around Island. Q9 $ 17.25
Set CV16D 6 views, from pier, details along port side. Q9 $ 4.50
Set CV16E 4 views, onboard, details around fantail Q9 $ 3.00
Set CV16F 13 views, onboard, interior views, inside bridge, pilot ready room, CIC, hanger deck, anchor handling room. Q9 $ 9.75
Set CV16G 10 views, from shore, 2 overall, bow stbd, stern stbd, 4 stbd side hull details, 2 views, anchor display on shore. Q9 $ 7.50
Set CV16H 24 views, from pier, good starboard side details. Q9 $ 18.00
Set CV16I 4 views, from elevated shore location, aft details of Island, fantail. Q9 $ 3.00

USS Bunker Hill CV-17

Photographed just prior to her scrapping by Lee Upshaw at Tacoma Washington. She was the last unaltered ESSEX class carrier at that time, and still had her original straight flight deck and 5" guns.

Set CV17A 16 views, from shore, 3 overall, bow on, 3/4 bow port 13 details along port and starboard sides Q8 $ 12.00

USS Oriskany CV-34

Photographed while awaiting scrapping, she is in bad cosmetic shape.

Set CV34A 4 views, from boat, Bremerton WA, 1994, Q7 $ 3.00 Set CV34B 5 overall views, Q7 $ 5.25

Other views, taken at Mare Island, CA just before scrapping are available, and include details along port side.

Independence Class

Cleveland class cruisers converted during WWII into light aircraft carriers

USS Cabot CVL-28

Her fate was sealed and she was scrapped, despite many attempts try and save her. Photographed at New Orleans, LA 9-95

Set CVL28A 23 views, taken from boat, 1 Port side overall, slight bow angle, 22 views along port side, useful Q8 $ 17.25

Set CVL28B 5 views, as above, stern port overall, 4 views of after portions of ship. Q8 $ 3.75

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