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Ballistic Missile Submarines, Nuclear

Ohio Class

Also known as the Trident Class after the missiles they carry, they are the only strategic missile submarines in the US Navy.

USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN-730

These sets were taken during San Francisco's annual Fleet Week celebration, October 1995.

Set SSBN730A 18 views, deck and sail details looking down from CV on Port side. Q8 $13.50

Set SSBN730B 7 views, 1 nice overall, 6 details looking down from CVN on stbd. side Q9 $ 5.25

Set SSBN730C 3 views, 1 nice bow stbd, 2 details of bow and sail, from dock. Q8 $ 2.25

Set SSBN730D 7 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 overall stbd. stern, 6 details as sub passes. Q8 $ 5.25

Set SSBN730E 21 views, deck details onboard, hatches, sail, safety track, etc. Useful. Lee Upshaw photographer Q8 $ 15.75

Set SSBN730F 10 views, as above, deck, deck details Q8 $ 7.50

Set SSBN730G 30 views, from CV, many starboard side details, very good, details views of sail and deck Q9 $ 23.50

Set SSBN730H 2 views, as above, close up of sail and hull below sail Q9 $ 1.50

USS Nevada SSBN-733

Photographed on San Francisco Bay, 3/98. Set A was shot when vessel was entering the bay, set B exiting.

Set SSBN733A 22 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 port stern overall, 21 details along port side from above,. Q9 $ 16.50

Set SSBN733B 17 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 bow on overall, 15 views from directly above,, great deck details. Q9 $ 12.75

Ben Franklin Class

Only two of these remain, used for special operations. The rest have been decommissioned and scrapped.

USS Will Rodgers SSBN-659

Taken 5/91 in European waters

Set SSBN659A 1 view, port side overall, hazy overcast day. Q8 $ .75

USS Kamehameha SSN-642

Taken 9/01 at San Francisco, on her way to decommissioning. She still had her mounting points for the drydock shelter.

Set SSN642A 18 views,from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 nice overalls,3/4 bow port, 16 views, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes under Q9 $ 13.50

Set SSN642B 13 views, details from ship across pier, looking down at rudder, hullcasing, sail, bow Q9 $ 9.75

Set SSN642C 23 views, 1 oa 3/4 bow port, 22 details along port side, hull, sail, vents, drydock shelter mounts, great details Q9 $ 17.25

Attack Submarines, Nuclear

Seawolf Class (SSN-21)

The latest nuclear submarines in the US Navy, the have been credited with tremendous performance. The Silent Service being what it is, we can only speculate.

USS Seawolf SSN-21

These views were taken on her christening day, June 24, 1995, by Lester G. Palifka, at GrotonCT.

Set SSN21A 2 views, overall, one from bow, the other 3/4 bow stbd. Q8 $ 1.50

Los Angeles Class SSN-688

The backbone of the current US attack submarine fleet. The early units are being retired rapidly, but the later units will probably soldier on for many years to come. From SSN-751 on, they are known as the improved Los Angeles class, or 688i. These are fitted with vertical tubes for the Tomahawk missile system, improved quieting, and hull mounted dive planes.

Unidentified Los Angeles Class.

Due to the lamentable, (from the point of view of a photographer, at least!) decision of the Navy to remove the hull numbers from the sail of submarines, it has been a chore to ID them. Sometimes, I can't. So…

Set SSN688Ci 9 good views, of 688I in drydock, small shroud over ringed propeller, good views of hull. Q8 $ 6.75

USS Cincinnati SSB-693

Set SSN693A 1 view, port side underway, 10/90 in European waters. Q9 $ .75

Set SSN693B 2 views, 1nice bow stbd overall, 1 detail amidships . Q9 $ 1.50

USS City Of Corpus Christi SSN-705

Set SSN705A 37 views, most onboard details of upper hull and sail. Q9 $ 27.75

USS San Francisco SSN-711

Set SSN711A 6 views, port view at dock, 3 closer views from this angle, 2 shots of bow and sail. Q8 $ 4.50

USS Houston SSN-713

Set SSN713A 11 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 1 nice bow port overall, 10 details, mosaic bow to stern as ship passes. Q9 $ 8.25

Set SSN713B 1 view port side underway, 7/89 in European waters. Q8 $ .75

USS Norfolk SSN-714

Set SSN714A 1 view, from pier, stern overall, slight port angle. Q9 $ .75

USS Chicago SSN-721

Set SSN721A 20 views, 1 overall bow port, 19 details, most on deck of fittings, sail, masts, etc. Q8 $ 15.00

Set SSN721B 20 views, on board details, 3 interior (d, dive controls, crew mess) 17 deck details stern to sail. Q9 $ 15.00

Set SSN721C 12 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 overall port bow, 10 views, mosaic bow to stern as boat passes under Q9 $ 9.00

USS Key West SSN-722

Set SSN722A 9 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, mosaic bow to stern as sub passes under Q9 $ 6.75

USS Louisville SSN-724

Set SSN724A 8 views, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge. Q9 $ 6.00

USS Asheville SSN-758

Set SSN758A 4 detail views from above Q9 $ 3.00

Set SSN758B 7 views from Golden Gate Bridge, nice Q8 $ 5.25

Set SSN758C 3 overall views from Golden Gate Bridge Q8 $ 2.25

Sturgeon class (SSN-637)

Mostly gone from the Navy now, this class served for many years during the Cold War.

USS Drum SSN-677

Set SSN677A 5 views, 3 sail details, 1 hull detail, 1 3/4 stbd amidships view Q9 $ 3.75

Set SSN677B 7 views passing under the Golden Gate Bridge Q8 $ 5.25

USS Pintado SSN-672

Set SSN672A 18 views, from Golden Gate Bridge, 2 nice portraits bow, slight port angle, 16 views, mosaic bow to stern. Very nice . Q9 $ 13.50

USS Trepang SSN-674 Photographed at Groton CT by Lee Upshaw in the 1990's

Set SSN674A 16 views, 2 overall bow on, 5 interior views, controlroom, torp room, 9 deck details Q8 $ 12.00

Permit class (SSN-594)

Originally known as the Thresher Class after the ill-fated lead ship of the class.

USS Gato SSN-615

These views were taken 5-19-95 at Groton CT by Ken Hart.

Set SSN615A 10 Details, most on board from sail, cockpit, sail area, deck, one exterior view of sail. Very useful! Q8 $ 7.50

Nautilus Class (SSN-571)

One of the most famous submarines of all time, she is currently on display at Groton, CT, where she was photographed 7/94

USS Nautilus SSN-571

Set SSN571A 10 views, 2 overall, 8 onboard, views of Sail, deck, hatch planes Q8 $ 7.50

Set SSN571A 6 views, from dock, bow plane, anchor, sail, top of rudder. Q8 $ 4.50

Set SSN571C 4 views, interior Q7 $ 3.00

Mixed Submarine sets

These sets include more than one class of submarine

Subset 1

Taken at Groton CT, 5-95 by Ken Hart

Subset1 15 views, from docks, oa and details of SSN 615, 676,678,690 (nice views in drydock ARD-5) 757, and more. Also includes a nice view of ARD-5 Q9 $ 11.25

Missile Submarines, Diesel

Grayback Class

Classed as SSG, these boats carried the Regulas surface to surface cruise missile, and had a large hanger installed on the fosc'l to house this large system. The Growler was photographed 8/94 at New York City, where she is part of the Intrepid museum.

USS Growler SSG-577

Set SSG577A 9 details, shot down from USS Intrepid's flight deck, views along starboard side, including missile. Nice. Q9 $ 7.75

Attack Submarines, Diesel

Barbel Class (SS-580)

The ultimate US Diesel Submarine, they featured the sleek hull design introduced with the Albacore, They have been decommissioned, leaving the fleet with only Nuclear Attack Submarines.

USS Blueback (SS-581)

Taken at the Portland Museum of Science and Industry, 9-95

Set SS581A 14 views from pier,2 oa bow port/stbd, 12 good details. Q9 $ 10.50

Set SS581B 13 views from pier, 1 oa 3/4 stern/port, dock support partially obscures, 12 good details Q8 $ 9.75

Set SS581C 17 views, 6 fair exterior views, 11 int. shots,some a bit blurry R. Klaasen, photographer 2-96 Q7 $ 12.75

Albacore Class

Revolutionary design that changed submarines forever - the first streamlined hull that mimicked that shape of fishes, she was extraordinarily fast and maneuverable. She served for many years as an experimental platform for advanced design

USS Albacore (AGSS-569)

Photographed at Portsmouth, NH where she is on display as a museum vessel.

Set AGSS569A 14 views, 3 overalls, 9 details of hull, sail,prop, 2 views of spare prop on shore display. Q9 $ 10.50

Set AGSS569B 21 views, 12 interior views,2 overall stern shots, details of control surfaces, sail, bow. Q9 $ 15.75

Set AGSS569C 13 views, 6 views of stern and prop, 3 of sail, 1 of periscope, 1 of bow, 2 of hull Q9 $ 9.75

Tench Class

Improved over the previous Balao class, able to dive deeper, they were built in the years of the Second World War. All were converted to carry snorkels, and some were rebuilt to GUPPY or FRAM II GUPPY specifications.

USS Torsk SS-423

She was converted to the more austere Fleet Snorkel standard, spending many years as a training submarine before becoming a memorial at Baltimore, MD where she was photographed 8/94

Set SS423A 22 details, onboard, including interior forward torpedo room. Q8 $ 16.50

Balao Class (SS-285)

This class formed the backbone of the US submarine fleet during World War II, built in large numbers. They are a improved version of the previous Gato class, able to dive deeper due to the use of higher tensile strength steel.

USS Bowfin SS-287

Photographed in Honolulu, HI by Don Preul 2/00

Set SS287A 23 views, onboard details, in conning tower and on deck, great shots , lots of details Q9 $ 17.25

Set SS287B 37 views, onboard details, on main deck, 13 views of deck gun, 24 views of deck, lower conning tower, casing Q9 $ 27.75

USS Ling SS-297

She retains her wartime appearance, and is painted in Black livery. Preserved as a museum at Hackensack NJ, photographed 8/94

Set SS297A 6 views, from dock, bow planes and overall views. Q7 $ 4.50

Set SS297B 24 details, conning tower, periscope and antennae, bow planes, stern Q8 $ 18.00

Set SS297C 7 details, from dock. Q8 $ 5.25

Set SS297D 24 views, 5 of dispalys in adjacent park, mine, 40mm gun, 2 overall views of sub, 17 o/b details, conning tower and gun. Q8 $ 18.00

USS Lionfish SS-298

She retains her World War II appearance, with deck armament. Now berthed as a museum in Fall River, MA. Photographed 8/94

Set SS298A 6 details looking down from USS Massachusetts (BB-59). Q9 $ 4.50

Set SS298B 7 details, looking down as above. Q9 $ 5.25

Set SS298C 14 details on board main deck. Q9 $ 10.50

Set SS298D 3 views of bow from shore. Q8 $ 2.25

Set SS298E 15 views, detailed close ups taken from adjacent destroyer. Q9 $ 11.25

Set SS298F 5 onboard details, conning tower, deck gun. Q8 $ 3.75

Set SS298G 4 vies, from dock, 1 overall, 3 details Q8 $ 3.00

USS Batfish SS-310

This submarine is preserved on land in Muskagee, OK. Photos taken by T. Hape in 1988

Set SS310A 19 views, onboard and around boat, interior details and exterior details, conning tower, t.tubess, etc. Good general set. Q8 $ 14.25

USS Becuna SS-319

An example of the GUPPY 1A standard, converted in 1951. She served in various capacities until stricken in 1973. Now a memorial in Philadelphia, PA where she is tied up next to the Olympia (C-6). Photographed 8/94

Set SS319A 24 details views, topside, good details Q9 $ 18.00

Set SS319B 21 views, details of interior and exterior, as well as anchor and propeller at shore exhibit. Q8 $ 15.75

USS Clamagore SS-343

Another vessel at the Patriot's Point collection, the Clamagore represents the evolution of the Fleet Submarine after the war. Lessons learned from US experience were combined with technical details gleaned from captured German equipment and resulted in the "GUPPY" (Greater Underwater Propulsive Power) conversions. The Clamagore is an example of the GUPPY II type. Taken 9/93 at Charleston.

Set SS343A 2 views of bow Q8 $ 1.50

Set SS343B 8 views, onboard details, 2 of interior, 6 exterior. Q8 $ 6.00

Set SS343C 3 views, overalls, looking down from USS Yorktown's flightdeck. Q8 $ 2.25

Set SS343D 7 views, details, looking down as above Q8 $ 5.25

Set SS343E 8 views, details, bow, sail, taken from same point of view as above. Q8 $ 5.25

Set SS343F 2 views, looking at the top of the sail from above and slightly behind. Q8 $ 1.50

USS Pampanito SS-383

This submarine was featured in the recent movie "Up Periscope" SeaPhoto was there, taking these exclusive overhead views as the Pampanito was towed out for filming. Other views were taken on various dates at Pier 45, San Francisco, where she is displayed as a museum.

Pampanito being towed under the Golden Gate Bridge for filming "Up Periscope"

Set SS 383A 1 view, overall port side from water Q7 $ .75

Set SS383B 14 details views, limber holes, deck, gun, conning tower, radar, good details. Q9 $ 10.50

Set SS383C 16 views, 1 bow stbd overall, 1 port view overall, 14 good details from dock. Q9 $ 12.00

Set SS383D 15 views, from Golden Gate Bridge 2 overall, 12 mosaic, bow to stern as sub is towed, 1 view, tug Q8 $ 11.25

Set SS383E 11 views, from boat , taken 10/95. Details along port side, bow, plane, casing. Conning tower. Useful. Q8 $ 8.25

The following were taken in January, 1999 when the Pampanito was dry docked at Bay/Ship, in Alameda, California

Set SS383F 21 views, in drydock 1 overall stern, 22 details around stern, rudder, shaft exit, stern and bow planes Q9 $ 15.75

Set SS383G 11 views, in drydock, 1 overall 3/4 bow stbd, 10 details, most around bow , casing holes, plane mechanism Q9 $ 8.25

Set SS383H 24 views, in drydock, 3 overall bow on, 3/4 bow, details under hull of fittings, bilge keel, torpedo tube doors Q9 $ 18.00

Gato Class (SS-212)

The first of the wartime classes, they suffered tremendous losses during the war, 19 out of 77 total boats built.

USS Drum (SS-228)

Taken at Mobile Alabama near the USS Alabama, 9-95

Set SS228A 21 Views, taken from BB-60. 1 bow starboard overall, 20 details along starboard side. Q9 $15.75

Set SS228B 12 Views, from shore. 1 port bow overall, nice, 11 details along port side, good info. Q9 $ 9.00

Set SS228C 22 views, most from shore along starboard side, similar to set SS228B, some views on deck Q9 $16.50

Set SS228D 24 views, most inside sub, some of conning tower. Very nice interior views. Q8 $18.00

Set SS228E 10 views, onboard, deck gun, deck details. Q8 $ 7.50

Set SS228F 1 views, starboard bow overall view from above, nice view. Q8 $ .75

USS Silversides (SS-236)

Taken 1986-7 at Muskegon, WI by T. Hade

Set SS236A 16 views, onboard and from dock, overall, conning tower, stern and details, interior views $ 12.00

Set SS236B 10 views, onboard and from dock, overall, bow port, 4 conning tower details from dock, 4 onbord, 1 view under casing. $ 7.50

USS Cavalla (SS-244)

Taken 9-95 at Galveston TX. The Cavalla is an example of a Type II SSK conversion, with blunt nose and tall sail.

Set SS244A 9 views, looking down at stbd side from adjacent DE, bow, conning tower details. Q8 $ 6.75

Set SS244B 18 views, mostly interior, some of sail, forward deck mounted sonar (?), access hatch. Q8 $13.50

USS Croaker (SS-246)

Another SSK conversion, they are similar to GUPPY submarines but with a slightly different sail. Photographed 7/94 at Buffalo NY where she is a memorial boat.

Set SS246A 5 views, 4 details shot from across river, 1 overall view. Q8 $ 3.75

Set SS246B 16 views, 11 good Q8 exterior views, 5 poorly exposed but usable interior views Q6. $12.00

USS Flasher SS-249

Highly successful submarine during World War II. Her conning tower only is preserved at Groton, CT.  Photos by Lee Upshaw, 7/97

Set SS249A 19 views, all around conning tower and many details. Q9 $ 14.25

Please Note: We also have sets available for the USS Silversides (SS-236) and the USS Cobia (SS-245)

Auxiliary Submarines

Dolphin Class (SCB 207 Type)

Research Submarine - Last diesel submarine in the US Navy; deep diving, very quiet submarine

USS Dolphin AGSS-555

Photographed 4/00 at San Diego by W. Michael Young

Set AGSS555 A 6 views, from pier, 1 oa, 3/4 bow stbd, 5 detail, sail, rudder, hull Q9 $ 4.50

Rescue Submarine

"Mystic" Class DSRV-1

Built as emergency rescue vehicle in case of a submarine accident. One of the stars of the movie "Hunt for Red October! Mystic is an unofficial name.

DSRV-1 "Mystic"

Photographed 4/00 in San Diego by W. Michael Young, while onboard the Kellie Chouest.

Set DSRV1A 6 views, from pier, details of sub. Sub is in cradle, which obscures parts of it. Q9 $ 4.50


Deep diving submersible built for the US Navy. Dove on the wreck of the Titanic in 1988. Shot in the Washington Navy Yard Museum, 5/99

Set DSV2A 4 views, sub is hanging from ceiling, 2 overalls, 1 view of articulated arm, 1 of propulsor (1 view is dark) . Q9 $ 3.00

Trieste II

Built in 1958, and including parts of an earlier Bathyscaph, the Trieste served until 1984. Photographed in the Navy Yard Museum, 5/99

Set DSV1A 5 views, sub is hanging from ceiling, 2 overalls, 2 views of float, one of sphere. Q9 $ 3.75

Midget Submarines at Groton CT.

On display in front of t the Submarine Force Museum at the Sub base is this collection of small submarines. Set MidS1 16 views around exhibits of Simon Lake's Explorer (sub with wheels on bottom), a WWII German Seehund mini-sub, and an Italian Maiale (spelling?) submarine. Shots around each, including i.d. plates, nice set Q9 $ 12.00

German Biber Class

Minisub at the Imperial War Museum, London England

Set MidS2 3 views of minisub, cluttered background, people near sub, but useful nevertheless. Q7 $ 2.25

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