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Germany - includes museum World War II submarines, and former East German missile corvette

Guided Missile Destroyers

Lutjens Class

Based on the now retired US Charles F. Adams class, built at Bath Iron Works.

Rommel D-187

Set DDG187A 10 views, from shore, 6 very nice portaits, 4 details, weapons, RAM, 5" gun, Sea Sparrow. Q9 $ 7.50

Set DDG187B 5 views, from shore, 3 portraits, 2 details of fore area and aft area Q8 $ 3.75

Mölders (D186) Now preserved and is now on display as museum ship in Wilhelmshaven.  Photographed 10/2006 by Frank Findler

Set DDG186A 38 views, mostly onboard details all around ship  Q9    $ 28.50

Set DDG186B  18 views, from shore, overalls and good details of mast, radar, forward area.  Q9  $ 13.50

Set DDG186C- 36 Views, from shore, excellent details along port side. Q9 $ 27.00

Set DDG186D 32 views, onboard details, superstructure, weapons, mast, directors, good all around set.  Q9  $ 24.00


Sachsen class frigate

Anti-Air defense frigates with secondary ASW and surface capabilities. More advanced radar and greater stealth charcteristics than the previous Brandenburg class, the first was commissioned December 31, 2003.

FGS Sachsen  (F-219)- photographed April, 2008 by Frank Findler

Set F219 A - 12 views, from shore, mosaic of details bow to stern along port side.  Q9  $ 9.00

FGS Hamburg (F-220)

Set F220A 36 views, from shore, one overview, 35 details mast, superstructure, bridge.  Q9  $ 27.00

Brandenburg class frigate

Primarily ASW assests with surface and anti-air capability.  Entered into service 1994-1996

FGS Bayern (F-218) - photographed 4/2008 by Frank Findler

Set F218A - 37 details, mostly onboard, weapons, SS, stacks, anchor gear, stern details   Q9  $  27.75

Set F21B - 32 views, onboard details Q9  $ 24.00

Braunschweig class corvette

At this writing, the latest Germany corvette, incorporating stealth features and equipped with both guns and missiles.

FGS Braunschwieg (F260)

Photographed June, 2008 by Frank Findler

Set F260A 14 views, looking up from pier on starboard side, mast, stern, superstructure, radars.  Q9  $ 10.50

FGS Oldenburg (F-263)

Photographed May, 2008 by Frank Findler in German waters

Set F263A 21 photos, from shore, details bow to stern along starboard side.  Q9  $ 15.75


U-boat, Type IXC

U 505

Photographed by Paul Doman On display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, this U Boat was captured at sea by an Allied Task force.

Set U505A 8 Views, from under, details bow to stern on starboard side. Q8 $ 6.00

Set U505B 16 Views, from underneath submarine, conning tower, rudder, props, aft T tubes, other underwater details. Q9 $ 12.00

Set U505C 19 Views, from under submarine, conning tower, AA guns, shafts, props, nice view of radar antennae Q9 $ 14.25

Photographed 6/99

Set U505D 24 views, from under sub, props, rudder, control surfaces, hull details sonar, torpedo tube doors. Q9 $ 18.00

Photographed 1979 by Lee Upshaw - some views in these sets that you can no longer take due to safety considerations at the museum

Set U505E 37 views, taken in the conning tower, details inside the conning tower, radar, looking down at deck and AA gun, lots of details Q9 $ 27.75

Set U505F 32 views, taken in and around conning tower, details of AA guns, deck hatches and details, conning tower details Q9 $ 24.00

Set U505G 42 shots, taken on the deck, of AA gun, deck fittings, deck, conning tower, radar, great details Q9 $ 31.50

Set U505H 22 views, taken on the deck, aft conning tower, aft AA gun, deck details toward stern of boat Q9 $ 16.50

Set U505J 36 views, taken from adjacent building looking down on submarine, various angles, overall and details Q8 $ 27.00

U-boat, Type XX1

Wilhelm Bauer U-2540

Photographed Bremerhaven, Germany by Frank Findler

Set U2540A 22 views, from pier, 1 oa ¾ stern stbd, 21 details along port side, limber holes, dive plans, props, etc. Q9 $ 16.50

Set U2540B 17 views, from pier, conning tower details, stern details hull details along stbd. Side Q9 $ 12.75

Set U2540C 35 views, from pier, one nice 3/4 port bow oa, 35 gooddetail, sail, masts, gun mount, torpedo tube door Q9 $ 26.25

German Biber Class

Minisub at the Imperial War Museum, London England

Set MidS2 3 views of minisub, cluttered background, people near sub, but useful nevertheless. Q7 $ 2.25

Patrol Craft

Jaguar Class

Built 1957-64, these fast (42 knot) craft had a relatively short life in the Federal German Navy, being retired by 1975. The Kranich is a museum vessel at the German Ship Museum in Bremerhaven.


Photographed 4/01 at Bremerhaven by Frank Findler.

Set P6083A 14 views, from pier, 5 oa, various angles, 9 details, torpedo tube, other topside details Q9 $ 10.50

Set P6083B 16 views, from pier 1 oa 3/4 stbd bow, 15 details, gun mast bridge torpedo tubes Q9 $ 12.00


Replinshement Tankers

FGS Rhöne  (A-1443)

Photographed February 2009 by Frank Findler at Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Set A1443 A FGS Rhöne (Germany)  19 views, from pier, details bow to stern along port side.    Q8  $ 14.25

Germany (East)

Tarantul Class Guided Missile Corvette

The former East German Corvette Rudolph Egelhoffer, she passed into the possession of greater Germany after unification. Renamed Hiddensee, she was operated for a short time, and then transferred to the United States for evaluation and trials. Donated to Battleship Cover in Massachusetts for display.

Hiddensee C-772 (Former Rudolph Egelhoffer)

Photographed at Fall River, MA May, 1999

Set C772A I view. ¾ port bow overall from shore Q8 $ .75

Set C772B 24 views, details, most from adjacent ship looking down on fosc'l, midships area, gun, missile launcher, 2 views of stern. Q9 $ 18.00

Set C772C 12 views, most overalls, bow and stern, most stern views are from elevated viewpoint on BB-59 Q9 $ 9.00

Set C772D 36 views, 36 views, most onboard details, good views of fosc'l area,missile launcher, stern area, ASW rocket launcher. Q9 $ 27.00

Set C772E 10 views, 8 onboard interior details, 1 view of Styx missile as shore display, 1 view of missile plaque Q8 $ 7.50

Set C772F 24 views, onboard details, mostly aft area, 30mm guns ASW weapons, aft area around missile launcher Q9 $ 24.00

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